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I stared at the Kolbolds’ finished home.

Though I said that it was completed, we did not make it.

The Kolbolds built it themselves.

In the beginning, we did not intend on letting them build it, but when I thought about how the house would be one built for humans, it was suggested that the hut for livestock would be better, and when I thought about the houses in the village, we tried letting the Kolbolds build it.

It did not seem as if they could, but the Kolbolds were able to use various tools.

They could use the bowgun, so after that, they tried out various tools, and it was hard for them to do delicate work, but if it’s the simple work tools, then it seems like they could use them They could use the saw and hammer just fine, so building a house should be fine.

…that’s what we thought, but….

The houses in the village shouldn’t have been that big, so we gave them enough lumber and planks, but the Kolbolds did not seem to want them and wanted something else.

It was the branches from when we cut down the trees.

I didn’t know what they wanted them for, but there were a lot of them remaining, so I gave them quite a lot of them.

It was a few hours after I started building it by myself as there was no manpower.

I’d made a lot of huts before, so even when I did it by myself, I was making progress.

「O–i, come here–!」

At that time, Cruz-kun asked us to gather around.

When we went over to take a look, it seemed that the Kolbolds’ house had been completed and he gathered everyone.

And we were currently looking at the Kolbolds’ house, but….

「This, is their home」

「To me, it just looks as if it became a mountain of branches though….」

「It is similar to a tent.」

Everyone had their doubts.

It seems that Cruz-kun too wasn’t sure even though he knew what it was.

The Kolbolds’ house had just arranged the larger branches in a triangular formation, and put large leaves on top of it to serve as the roof. 

「When I saw the village, I thought that the ants had done a lot of damage, but perhaps that was not the case」

「Rather, just building this without tools is difficult, isn’t it」

「Come to think of it, let alone carpentry tools, there weren’t even any weapons in the village.」

「The Kolbolds were able to do the dismantling, so they should have something like a knife」

The Kolbolds satisfied with being able to build the house () and were now laying down straw on the ground inside, but how was this going to work I was also worried about things like the roof leaking, so it might be better to finish building the hut a little earlier. 

And so, I asked the woodworking group for help and two days later, the hut for the Kolbolds was completed.

We were going to build a kitchen and individual rooms, but the Kolbolds liked the house that they had built themselves much more than we thought, so we made it simple so that the Kolbolds would like it, but this, wasn’t this a huge doghouse!

There were walls and a roof, but the entrance did not have a door.

Un, it was a doghouse.

No, it was the Kolbolds’ house, so was it suitable for them

Paying no mind to me who was conflicted, the Kolbolds gathered in the doghouse, but it seems that they liked the simple construction, and they laid down some straw here as well and I started making the bed.

The Kolbolds’ house was small and it couldn’t be put in there, but here, we set up Cruz-kun’s bed, so it would be good if the Kolbolds showed some interest in it….

After that, the Kolbolds and Cruz-kun stayed in the tent, the house that the Kolbolds built, and the house that I built in turns, but they decided to live in the doghouse that I built, though I didn’t know if it was because it was able to get a passing mark or if it was a request from Cruz-kun.


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