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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The next day, I went to Dragon Forest. 

As expected, I had gotten used to coming to Dragon Forest, and I had arrived early as well. 

This time, I came alone.

I had asked my younger sister to take care of Pii-chan, and when I told her to stay at home, she did so, not surprisingly.

Oniichan was a bit lonely.

This time, I wanted to focus on hunting practice, so I quickly went to harvest things.

I looked for firewood, medicinal herbs, and mushrooms as usual, but I secured a larger quantity of fruits.

It was not guaranteed that they could be picked every time I came, and if I put them in my Item Box, they wouldnt go bad.

Usually, mana detection was mainly used to detect creatures on the ground, but I knew that there were bird-type monsters, so I made sure to use it towards the sky as well. 

I hadnt noticed until now, but I sensed many birds flying in the sky.

Based on the mana, they didnt seem to be monsters, but I had forgotten that there were creatures in the sky and I became nervous. 

I was horrified when I thought about how I couldve been attacked when I came here previously if they were monsters.

Today was hunting practice, so for now, Ill dig pitfalls in several places around the fruit trees.

The holes I made around thirty centimeters in radius and one meter in depth.

It took a while, but I was somehow able to make them using magic.

I made marks using stones so that I didnt forget where I had dug. 

I dug holes at every tree and then I practiced using the bola near the last tree.

For the time being, I tried throwing the bola.

In the first throw, it flew straight ahead, but both the speed and the distance was no good.

It flying forward was probably because of the「Throwing」skill.

This was the result of doing my best and continuing to throw stones up until now. 

That speed and distance was simply because of insufficient physical strength. 

After all, Im a three year old child.

Thanks to the skill, the accuracy rate had increased, but lets try raising the speed and power using magic.

First of all, I tried to envelop the stone in wind magic and let it fly. 

That resulted in a failure.

The speed had increased, but it did not spread out and I had only thrown the stones. 

In that case, directly using magic on it might not turn out well.

, I created a vortex of wind.

I adjusted it so that the wind will come out from within with great force.

Something like the so-called catapult.

If I threw the bola like that, the speed was estimated to increase.

That did the trick.

However, this time, the accuracy rate conversely decreased.

When using this, it seems that it would be better to use the three-stoned bola.

Also, its too fast, so it might be hard to use in the forest. 

Using the two-stoned bola in the forest without magic, and the three-stoned one with magic for the birds up in the trees seemed good. 

Also, Im throwing the three-stoned one up in the sky, so there was a high possibility of losing it.

Because of that, I made some new ones by directly attaching stones to the sturdy ivy that grew in the forest using earth magic.

After that, I looked for ivy, created a bola, searched for the birds, hunted, and repeated this over and over again.

However, the result was disastrous.

As expected, it was hard for an amatuer to suddenly start hunting. 

Giving up on hunting with the bola, I went to check on the pitfalls.

I went to go take a look, but there were no changes and there was nothing.

In the beginning, I had not checked to see if there were any animals around, so it couldnt be helped. 

The next time I come, it might be good to set traps deeper within the forest.

Thinking such things, I headed home with drooping shoulders. 


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