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「Good morning.

What business do you have with us today」

「Um, I’d like to raise the rank of the Guild ID and submit a new registration.」


Please allow me to confirm….」

In the morning, I went to the Commerce Guild.

The goal was to obtain a Guild ID.

And, raise the rank of the children who were already in the guild.

The purpose of getting the Guild ID was to pass through every town smoothly.

The Adventurer Guild ID worked as well, but I was restricted by the age limit.

On that point, the Commerce Guild had an apprenticeship-type system, so even if I was very young, I could get a Guild ID.

Maa, business was complicated, so there were various requirements, but this time, we were lucky that we regularly sold a variety of potions wholesale to the Commerce Guild, so I was able to get a Guild ID without any problems.

Cruz-kun, Ilya-chan, and my younger sister got the lowest-ranked Guild ID, and I, for some reason, had a higher-ranked Guild ID.

it costed money, so I said that the lowest rank was fine, but because I had the『Item Box』and I was, for some reason, on the receiving end of many things, so it turned out like this.

You should know from the fact that we got the Guild ID, but it was decided that we would go to the bear peddler’s wife’s place.

The reason was because Ojii-san wanted the honey wine.

We were usually in his care, so we had no objections to Ojii-san wanting honey wine nor sharing the Honey Bee’s honey with him.

And, I thought that Ojii-san, who hit it off with the bear peddler, would go by himself, but to my surprise, this Ojii-san said that he didn’t want to separate from Sakuya.

However, there was no way that Sakuya-chan would want to go on a trip and she was a little angry that the honey was taken.

But, at this point, Ojii-san recovered from the hopeless situation and made a move.

He went to persuade my younger sister.

「Don’t you want to try going on a trip this time Together with Sakuya and Shuu.

you might be able to eat tasty food, you know」


My younger sister became interested after hearing these words.

Of course, I couldn’t refuse my younger sister’s request, and, it was also decided that Sakuya-chan, who was pressured by my younger sister’s enthusiasm, was also going on the trip.

That being the case, the discussion continued, and my younger sister and I were going, so Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan would go as well.

And, since we were going, we decided to sell various things along the way, so the children who had a Commerce Guild ID were joining in and the craftsmen group also began making various things to sell. 

If Ojii-san was here, he wouldn’t care much, but the number of people had increased, so we requested for the adventurer group to be our escorts.

At this time, we designated the request to the adventurer group, following the bear peddler’s advice.

In this way, the adventurers would be able to take on the request, preserve their rank or even aim for a rank up, and gain prestige as the hired adventurers of merchants.

There would be a small commission, but this was often the case for large companies and prominent adventurers.

After that, we asked the people at the Commerce Guild about the goods that sold for a higher price at other towns, and conversely, the local specialties of other towns that would sell well here.

 I asked the adventurer group to go shopping for the necessities we would need for the trip.

They remembered what the merchants used when they were working as escorts, so they were able to gather enough things.

In addition, they asked the senior adventurers for information on other towns.

I would be grateful if they could get information on the local specialties of each town though.

Ojii-san collected honey with the Honey Bees and the children from the orphanage.

The Honey bees gave us just enough, but the children from the orphanage were crying, so Ojii-san gave the honey to the children who were in tears. 

After this and that, the bear peddler said that the preparations for the trip had been completed, so we finally departed. 


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