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「Shuu, you do everything yourself, but everyone needs to work together, you know You need to listen properly to what other kids are saying, you know Also, you can’t take your eyes off Cruz.」

The morning of the departure of the trip with the bear peddler, I received words of caution from Director-sensei.

Maa, I had a previous offense, so let’s listen to her patiently.

Previously, we weren’t allowed to practice staying out overnight, so I thought that it would be hard to get permission from Director-sensei, but Ojii-san and the bear peddler had bowed their heads many times, and they were somehow able to get permission from Director-sensei.

If my younger sister and I didn’t go, then Sakuya-chan wouldn’t either, so this was the expected outcome….

「Nn What, you kids, you’re not going into the forest today」

We said our farewells at the orphanage, and we arrived at the town gate that was in the opposite direction as the one that we usually passed through that led to the forest.

Standing there was the usual gatekeeper uncle.

「Ou! Today, we’re going to do some peddling!」

Cruz-kun, who was excited about the trip, answered.

「I see, then, the adventurers are your escorts and Jii-san is your chaperone, huh.

Nn You are, if I remember correctly, a peddler.

Then that means that they’re following you, huh.」

As expected of a senior There was the peak of gatekeeping.

It seems that he grasped the situation to a certain extent from the few words from Cruz-kun.

「Jii-san, it’s fine if it’s an adventurer of your caliber, but don’t let the children get injured! Also, you kids too, listen properly to what Jii-san and the adults say and come back safely!」

「Umu, leave it to us!」




「Ou, you guys do your best to protect your master.」

The gatekeeper also called out to the Steppe Horses, Queen, and the others who asserted themselves as if exerting their existence as he rubbed their heads. 

After that, we showed him the Guild ID that we just got and we departed. 

「Hey, Shuu, you know that gatekeeper, right」

「I know him.

That’s why we were talking with each other, isn’t it」

We left town and after walking for a little while, the adventurer group called out to me.

「You guys, has there ever been a time when you didn’t meet that gatekeeper」

「Nn~, no…」

「That uncle is always there, you know」

「Yes, we see him every time.」

「He’s always there~!」

Other than me, Cruz-kun, Ilya-chan, and my younger sister also remembered, but we always see him.

「Actually, we always see him too.」

「 Is there something wrong」

「Isn’t it because he’s at the gate that we meet」

Neither Cruz-kun nor I knew what they wanted to say.

「Like I said, we meet him when we go to the forest and when we go to other towns as escorts!」


In other words, it wasn’t just when we went to Dragon Forest, that gatekeeper was there even when the adventurer group was leaving town! What was that, how scary!

The adventurer group told us something scary, and as we continued on in anguish without coming to any conclusion, we arrived at the halfway point to the next village.

It seems that it would usually take a day to arrive on foot and staying here overnight and arriving there the next day was basic knowledge.

Under the instructions of the adventurer group, we began preparations for the camping site.

The adventurer group had experienced this many times, and we had also practiced this before, so it did not take too long for the preparations to be completed.

There were many days where we didn’t set up camp, so we practiced gathering firewood and drawing water.

Dinner was soup, soft bread and the meat from the prey that Queen and the others hunted, which was not that different from what we usually ate. 

「Somehow, nothing’s happening.」

「It would be bad if something happened!」

「That’s true, but we’re not going to be attacked by monsters or bandits」

「At the very least, it wouldn’t be like that in this area.

It would be good if the escort’s job was easy.」

Ilya-chan and the adventurer group responded to Cruz-kun’s foolish words.

Due to Dragon Forest’s influence, not a lot of monsters appear in this area, and it seems that bandits did not appear in places with low traffic.

Certainly, there were a number of horse-drawn carriages and tents in this open space.  

「Now then, why don’t we go to bed soon.

Then, we’ll keep a lookout in the order that we talked about previously.」

In this kind of place, other than monsters and bandits, it seems that we needed to be cautious of other merchants and adventurers as well.

The so-called burglary.

Although it’s a request, the groups other than the merchants could fight, so we arranged a night-watch.

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan would do what they could.

The night went by without any incident, and we departed after cleaning up camp.

Normally, we would’ve arrived at night, but the familiars pulling the carriage were fast, and the bear peddler walked faster than expected, so we arrived at the village earlier than expected.


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