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We stayed the night at the village and the morning of the next day, we prepared for departure. 

At the banquet yesterday, meat was the main course, but the inn’s obaa-chan had prepared dinner for us, so we ate it together with the meat.

It was soup with plenty of vegetables and sausage and freshly baked bread, but the bread and vegetables that you could only get in the farming village were delicious.

Breakfast was soup that had meat in it and bread.

The meat was, of course, the meat from yesterday.

I thought that they only hunted the two wild boars and the rabbits, but it seems that Ojii-san had put everything away using magic and it wasn’t just the boars as it seems that they had hunted deer and bears as well.

They did well for hunting that much in such a short amount of time; perhaps there were many wild animals As expected, there was so much that we couldn’t finish everything in one night, so we sold the remaining amount cheaply to the village people.

We also bartered the meat with the inn’s obaa-chan and she baked bread for us.

「Be careful on your way.」

「Thank you for taking care of us.」

「Bye by~e.」

「See you!」

After finishing our preparations and eating breakfast, we immediately left the village.

The oji-san at the gate was not the one from yesterday, but we got along well with everyone at the banquet, so we greeted him.

It seems that the oji-sans guarded the gate in turns.

Ojii-san, who was sitting, was sharing information with him.

It seems that Ojii-san rested at the gate every day.

Occasionally, Queen and the others would find prey, and other than them leaving behind the escort to go hunting, the journey went smoothly and while taking breaks in between, we arrived at an open area to set up camp.

「At this pace, we should arrive at the town tomorrow afternoon.」

「Somehow, it’s easier than I thought it would be.」

「It’s true, there’s almost no work for our escort request.」

「There’s not a lot of monsters either, and bandits didn’t appear.」

I was talking with the bear peddler and the adventurer group as we were setting up camp, but Cruz-kun was leisurely complaining.

「After passing through the next town, it would be essential to have escorts.」

「Is that so」

「Aah, the next town is a place where the goods in the surrounding area are gathered.

Be careful of bandits when on the road that connects the large towns.」

「Commercial city, it’s that」

「It’s not large enough to call it that.

Though I said that it’s gathered, it’s centered on agricultural produce.」

「Monsters won’t appear either」

「No, it’s quite far away from Dragon Forest, so they will appear every once in a while.」

「Ohh, it’s finally my turn, huh.」

Basically, escort requests were often for a round trip to and from the next town, so other than the bear peddler, no one else knew that information, but from now on, we needed to be vigilant of monsters and bandits.

Maa, unlike monsters, bandits chose their opponents, so if Queen and the others were here, we probably wouldn’t be attacked.

The bear peddler was by himself, so it seems that he wouldn’t have any valuables on him and wouldn’t be attacked.

Certainly, if they attacked, then it would be the horse carriage.

In addition, it seems that the monsters that appeared were mostly wolves and Goblins, but they were weaker than the ones in Dragon Forest.

This information was what we heard from the escort adventurers who were staying at the same space.


「Alright, I’ll go hunt for Queen’s dinner!」

Cruz-kun was pleased by the hunt from the day before, so he took Ojii-san, Queen, and the others with him to go hunting.

And, they once again brought over a mountain of meat, so we shared it with others and treated the merchants and the escort adventurers who were staying in the same area, and they told us that.

And the night watch after that, we cooperated with the adventurers and things went smoothly.

It seems that this too was the wisdom of senior adventurers.

The next day, it was decided that we would travel together with those merchants.

Going by ourselves would’ve been much faster, but we gathered several horse carriages together and the number of people increased to defend against monsters and bandits.

Certainly, if there were a lot of people, then both monsters and bandits would hesitate to attack.

However, we were told to be careful because if there were too many people, then it would be easy for mistakes to happen during the cooperation.

「I can see it!」

A loud sound could be heard coming from the vanguard adventurer.

A large town surrounded by walls made from stone could be seen in the distance.

It was later than we planned, but we finally arrived at the neighboring town. 


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