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「Nn~, as expected, the orphanage’s is better.」

「Is the meat not delicious」

「Salt is the only seasoning.」

Walking along the street, we were heading towards the guild while buying food from the stalls.

They were able to book the rooms at the inn without any problems.

We planned to stay for several days, so we headed towards the guilds to check out the Commerce Guild and the Adventurer Guild.

Along the way, the adventurer group said that just the food at the inn was not enough, so that’s why they were buying food to eat.

For some reason, Cruz-kun was eating as well, but would he be able to eat dinner

「This is the Commerce Guild, huh.」

「It’s not that big.」

Arriving at the Commerce Guild, it didn’t seem any different from the guild in Frey Town.

「The outside doesn’t look any different, but the warehouse is huge.」

「They have lots of things like wheat flour and potatoes.」

Having come here many times as escorts, it seems that the adventurer group helped with the loading and unloading of cargo at the warehouse behind the guild and saw that there was a large amount of foodstuff inside.

「Then, if we bought the wheat flour here or something, would it be cheap, I wonder」

The merchant group children immediately began to calculate the prices.

「I think the cheapest would be the flour from the farming village though.」

We traded meat with the farming village that Ojii-san took us to and it seems that they gave us quite a bit of wheat flour.

It seems that recently, they gladly converted it into straw, but wasn’t meat too expensive

The next place we went to was the Adventurer Guild.

It seems that the adventurer group had seen it many times, but had never entered.

This was because they were always helping the merchants.

Timewise, it was when it would be crowded, but tomorrow, the adventurer group planned to accept a request, so everyone charged in to take a look in advance.

「Huh It’s not as crowded as I had thought it would be.」

「Perhaps the time was staggered」

At the guild in Frey, the adventurers would return from their harvesting and subjugation requests and form a line to receive their remuneration during the evening, but here, it wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t crowded either.

I didn’t know the reason for that, but there were no acquaintances to tell me, so we went to check the requests.

And, our doubts were resolved.

「What’s this」

「They’re mostly escort requests.」

「There are subjugation requests, but there are no harvesting requests in sight.」

That’s right, there were nothing but escort requests in this town and there were barely any other requests.

Even if there were, subjugation, or rather, perhaps it’s meat collection The client was a townsperson and the assignment was the delivery of meat.

There being a large amount of escort requests, as expected of a commercial city It even included the job of organizing the cargo and there were lots of requests, but not much variety. 

「Maa, we originally decided to hunt, so there’s no problem.」

「Queen and the others are willing to do it as well.」

This time, the reason for taking the request was the accumulation of achievements at a different guild for the adventurer group and Queen and the others taking a break, so there were no problems in particular.

「Then, we should get going.」

If we were there for too long, then we would get in the way, so we left the guild.

Then, we parted with the adventurer group.

Fortunately, the meat delivery was for all varieties of meat, and there were requests with different deadlines, so it should be fine and we didn’t need to worry about it, which was why they were going hunting in the morning straightaway.

「Do your best.」

「Uh~, I want to go too.」

Cruz-kun was, more or less, staying with us, but it seems that personally, he wanted to go with the adventurer group.

「Then, why don’t we go together」

「Is that ok!」

The adventurer group looked at us and nodded.

「We’ll go get you in the morning, so get up on time!」

「Got it!」

With this, it seems that Cruz-kun’s schedule was decided.

After that, we went to where Queen and the others were, delivered their dinner, and returned to the inn.

At the inn, Ojii-san and the bear peddler were dead drunk, but everyone, including Sakuya-chan, ignored them, ate dinner, and went to bed.

Was this a place where dinner was neither good nor bad Perhaps we were too accustomed to the orphanage’s meals, as we felt a little unsatisfied.


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