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The morning of the following day, the members, excluding Cruz-kun who went with the adventurer group, went to check on the Commerce Guild and the prices of the market goods.

We were basically self-sufficient, so we decided to check the market prices of goods around here.

The bear peddler who we wanted to rely on at times like these was hungover and he was knocked out together with Ojii-san.

「So, where do we start」

The merchant group answered Ilya-chan’s question.

「I think we should first go to the guild.」

「Even if it’s early in the morning, it doesn’t seem as if the market is open.」

Yesterday, the people who were apparently from nearby farming villages seemed to be opening stalls, so I thought that there’s probably not a lot of shops open at such an early hour.

Because of that, I discussed it with the merchant group children, and we decided to go to the guild to sell a small amount of potions and listen to the various people’s talks.

We arrived at the Commerce Guild, and when we entered, it was much more crowded than we had expected.

It seems that the market was behind schedule, so I thought that the delivery of goods to the guild would be delayed as well, but….

「There are more people than I thought there would be.」

「Perhaps, it’s the purchase of the cargo that arrived yesterday」

「I see, that may be so.

So, what should we do」

「First, sell the potions, and then gather information.」

We looked around at the receptionist desks and lined up at an open one, and since there was no need for all of us to get in line, everyone except for the merchant children and I moved around the guild in search for the goods.

One of the merchant children went with them, so I would like to think that they would not be deceived into buying something.

「Good morning.

What business do you have with us today」

While everyone was loitering around the guild, the line was moving, and it was soon our turn.

We told the receptionist onee-san that we wanted to sell a few potions and she was happy to buy them.

She checked the amount and the quality and there weren’t any issues. 

「Thank you very much for selling so many.」

We were thanked.

We asked her about it, and she said that there had been a shortage of potions recently and they had been in a bind.

The reason for that was because they could be sold for more money in a large city at the imperial capital than here.

To say nothing of the fact that you could transport a lot of them at a time due to the size of the potions, and the prices were also expensive to begin with.

If that’s the case, it couldn’t be helped that they would go to a place where their profits would be higher.

We should also consider selling potions there.

With the Steppe Horses as our mode of transportation, we might be able to arrive in one day….

「We had truly been troubled recently.

Even when we requested some from Frey Town’s guild, it seems that they did not have much in stock either….」

The receptionist onee-san lamented the shortage of potions after that as well. 

It seems that they were troubled because there had been inquiries from the Adventurer Guild and the lord as to whether or not they could be procured.

Of course, if they took out the money, they would be able to buy them, but there was a budget, so it was difficult.

「Then, we’ll take out a few more potions, so could you sell this at a cheaper price」

Taking the opportunity, the merchant children began negotiations.

I think that it’s better to take it out as your trump card in such a case, but perhaps this too would become experience For the time being, the impression of the Commerce Guild would improve, so let’s watch over this negotiation.

A few minutes later, the talks had concluded much more smoothly than I had anticipated.

It seems that because there had been an abundant harvest these few years, there was a surplus of wheat flour.

We were able to purchase that wheat flour inexpensively.

The stock at the guild would decrease, and they were also happy to vacate some space in the warehouse, so this was a pleasant transaction for both parties.

However, it seems that the purchased amount was too much, but what should we do


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