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Well, what should we do today As for the scheduled guild participation, there weren’t any issues with the Commerce Guild.

In regards to the Adventurer Guild, it seems that the dismantling would be completed today, so there were no problems there either.

Because of that, we would be able to depart tomorrow, but we now had free time on our hands.

Incidentally, the ones who were free were the four of us and Sakuya-chan.

It seems that the adventurer group and the merchant group were accompanying those who were doing the dismantling.

It was natural for the adventurer group to do so and it seems that the merchant group went to sell the large amounts of meat and materials to the Commerce Guild.

It seems that Ojii-san and the bear peddler were still hungover and were sleeping.

We planned on departing tomorrow, so it would be great if they didn’t drink though….

Should I have Sakuya-chan write a farewell letter or something in order to make sure that they wouldn’t drink alcohol

「So, what should we do If there’s nothing to do, why don’t we stroll around town」

After eating breakfast, Cruz-kun grew impatient with us who weren’t doing anything and suggested this.

Certainly, we could only do that, huh.

「Yes, for now, why don’t we go into town.」

「Ya~y, shopping, shopping~.」

「I’m looking forward to it….」

Certainly, thinking about it, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan hadn’t done anything since we came to this town.

Perhaps this was the same for Ilya-chan as well.

Why don’t we accompany the three people today.

Without delay, we left the inn and headed to the marketplace.

Although I called it a marketplace, it was an open area where the stalls and booths were set up.

At this time, the people who came from neighboring farm villages began to sell the vegetables that had been picked in the morning.

Among them, we could see the people from whom we purchased goods from the other day.

And so, they called out to us, asking if we were buying anything today and recommending products to us. 

「This, please!」

My younger sister was buying vegetables.

I was happy to be called out to and thought of buying things, but I remembered that my younger sister and the others seemed bored, so I thought of having them buy them.

Those who were selling things were the farming village’s oji-sans and oba-sa…onee-sans, so they probably wouldn’t be tricked, which made me relieved. 

「Ah, this looks tasty too!」

「There is fish over there as well…」

「Really! Then let’s go!」

Perhaps Sakuya-chan was also having fun shopping as she was running around together with my younger sister high-spiritedly.

I left the two of them to Ilya-chan and Cruz-kun and I devoted ourselves to carrying the bags.

Along the way, there was an oji-san who was worried because he had bought too many things, but we understood after he said that he was traveling with more than ten people.

「Hey, how long will they continue to shop for」

「Who knows Why don’t you ask Ilya-chan」

Cruz-kun and I ended up carrying the bags, so I repeatedly put them into my Item Box while pretending to go drop them off, but even now, their shopping trip did not seem to have an ending.

Perhaps it was because shopping was fun, as Ilya-chan began to take the two people to make the rounds at the booths that did not sell vegetables. 

This was where the agricultural produce from the neighboring villages were delivered to, and this was also the place where various goods were arranged so that they could buy the things that the village needed.

Furthermore, if you looked closely, at the edges of the booths that were selling vegetables, there were various handmade goods placed there as well.

It seems that everything was made during their breaks from working in the fields.

Depending on the person, the things that were made were different and the carved wooden ornaments and clothes that were placed there varied. 

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan stopped at a certain booth.

There, accessories made from wood were neatly arranged.

「Was there anything you wanted」

When we called out to the two of them from behind,



it seems that my younger sister wanted a fish-shaped item, and Sakuya-chan wanted one that was in the shape of a cat-kin().

「Ohh, you’re going to buy these They’re made by my mother, but they’re made well, aren’t they I’ll make it cheap for you.」

Then, why don’t we buy them as souvenirs.

「Then, oji-san, this one and this one please.」

「I want this one!」

Before anyone knew it, Ilya-chan chose the one she wanted, so I helplessly bought it.

「Onii-chan! Thank you!」

「Thank you….」

「Good for you guys!」

An extra person joined in, but I’m glad they’re happy.

Originally, I had given the two people pocket money, so they could buy it for themselves though.

Recalling the things that we bought, it seems that they were all things that everyone ate and used.

Spending too much was a problem as well, but let’s have them study how to use money a little at a time. 


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