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The shopping trip with my younger sister and the others was more fun than expected.

It was a town that should be called an agricultural town, so we were able to find fruits while looking for agricultural produce.

The group of girls were delighted by this and bought them with their pocket money for themselves and I bought some for the orphanage. 

At night, we tried them at the inn, but it seems that both the taste and sweetness was inferior when compared to the fruits from Dragon Forest, which was unfortunate. 

When we left the town, Ojii-san and the others recovered from their hangover, so we were able to depart without any problems.

When we departed, we were invited by other merchants to join them en route, but the horse carriages were traveling at different speeds, so regrettably, we refused.

Perhaps it was because Queen and the others were walking around with great vigor, as it seems that they were expected to be escorts.

For the other towns after this, the best way to deal with Queen and the others might be to have a meat party using the prey.

If we didn’t, others would be scared of them.  

Two days after departure, we advanced without incident.

And, when we traveled to the areas that were said to be where bandits often appeared along the way, it seems that Queen and the others sensed that there was a fight and went ahead, but when we arrived, the bandits had already been defeated thanks to Queen and the others.

Nearby was a group of carriages that had been attacked by the bandits.

This group was vigilant of Queen and the others and some of the merchants looked resigned.

We immediately explained to them that they were familiars, and asked them to deal with the bandits.

The bandits didn’t have anything valuable on them, but you could receive money from the rewards or by selling them as criminal slaves.

However, those formalities were troublesome, so we received some money from the merchants as payment for the bandits.

When I thought about the time it would take to bring them to the next town and go through the formalities, this was sufficient.

If it was a novel or something, there would be something like going to the bandits’ hideout and taking their treasures, but it was practical to consider safety first and we weren’t interested in going to the hideout.

Though it seems that Ojii-san, Queen, and the others would be able to easily suppress them.

After that, no other bandits appeared, and everytime we took a break, Queen and the others would go on a walk while hunting.

At that time, Queen and the others returned while holding beastmen in their mouths.

When we asked the tanuki-clan siblings who had woken up and Queen, it seems that they were harvesting in the forest, but they had been attacked by Goblins.

Then, Queen and the others came and rescued them, but it seems that they were surprised by Queen and fainted.

And then, Queen and the others brought them over to us.

At first, they were afraid of Queen and the others, but perhaps they had calmed down upon seeing my younger sister, Cruz-kun, and Ilya-chan as we escorted them to their village(), farming village().

It was located inconspicuously in the forest.

The inhabitants were all beastkin and beastmen, so it might be a hidden village. 

Naturally, that village was also afraid of Queen and the others, but the siblings came to the rescue and things worked out somehow.

There, we once again had a feast and we got along well with them.

In addition, when talking with them, they said that they had a difficult time buying things from the nearby farming villages and towns and they were delighted when we sold them a large amount of wheat flour.

For the payment for the wheat flour, they did not have much cash, so we traded with each other, but according to the bear peddler, although the furs that had been prepared were not rare, most of them were completely intact and carefully handled, so they were adequate in being put up for sale.

It was difficult for beastmen and beastkin to buy things in town, and they were taken advantage of, so the prices were beaten down. 

Actually, I didn’t know how much I could sell, so I gave them a certain amount of wheat flour, and the rest would be calculated on the way back.

By the way, should I ask about the things that I wanted. 

As always, we would have a feast, stay the night and then leave, but the children who got along with my younger sister

「Come again~.」


「Onee-chan, bye bye.」

said things like this, which I understood, but 

「Elder sister, please come again!」

TN: ‘anego’ is used here to address an older female.

It is a respectful term, but usually used toward a female leader


「Boss~, see you~.」

when I saw that they had said that, onii-chan became anxious….

Maa, while feeling this way, the detour came to an end and we were able to see the imperial capital as we approached. 


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