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The next morning, the merchant group, the beastmen district’s merchants, and the imperial capital’s merchants all visited the inn that we were staying at. 

「Good morning.

I look forward to working with you today.」

「G, good morning.」

It seems that the beastmen district’s merchant was a fox beastman with a cheerful disposition, and the imperial capital’s merchant was young, but seemed timid.

The merchants were talking among themselves, so I took the wheat and potions out of my Item Box while pretending to take it out from the wolf cart. 

The goods that we would receive would range from plants that were harvested from around the imperial capital, alcohol, to local specialties and traditional handicrafts.

The prices of the local goods were reasonable, but it was a good deal as various things were collected.

When it was around lunchtime, the dismantling of the prey from yesterday was almost finished and the materials that consisted of the furs, claws, fangs, etc.

were brought in.

The merchants were gathered here, so this was perfect timing.

「You’ve gathered quite a lot.」

「W, what are you going to do with so much」

「We don’t need it, so you can have it.」

The materials from yesterday’s prey, honestly, there was still some remaining in my Item Box, so there was no problem in giving it to them, but the amount was too much and it seems that they were troubled. 

However, I had this feeling even when I was at the hidden village, but the beastkin and the beastmen were skilled in dismantling and the materials were beautiful, so I thought that they would sell well even in the imperial capital, but….

「U, um, actually, the guild doesn’t think very well of me….」

「I seemed to always be helped by beastmen when I was peddling a long time ago, and from then on, I did business with the beastkin and the beastmen without any discrimination.」

「The boss didn’t have a good opinion on that, so he went independent in order to be expelled.」

「However, the connection between merchants is strong, right It seems that you can’t do much good business here.

Here, I’m grateful to have any business.」

I see, there was such a consequence for associating with beastmen, huh.

Of course, the guild would not openly discriminate against them, but you couldn’t do business if you were just a partner of the guild.

Certainly, the goods that they brought with them were not much and a lot of them were cheap.

Perhaps this was the cause of it.

Of course, at the very least, they would earn a profit if they sold them to the guild, but they were merchants that we finally got acquainted with after coming to the imperial capital, so I wanted to do something about it.

I discussed it with the merchant group, and I gave a suggestion.

「Then, would you like to do business with us」

「B, business」


We will sell the procured goods, and we will procure the things that we need.

We can’t stay here forever, so I’d like to ask this of you.」

「However, I said it just now, but in this town, my position is weak.

I wouldn’t be able to obtain anything decent, you know」

「That’s fine! On the contrary, I will bring in business from the other side!」

That’s right, if you couldn’t do it from this side, then you could do it from the other side.

There were a lot of goods just for that.

Rather, the stock will decrease, which I was grateful for.

In other words, let them handle things like Wyvern materials that Ojii-san had collected.

If it’s just us, the only place we could sell it to was the guild, but if it’s him, he would know other merchants who could even handle Wyvern materials.

The guild was already selling them, so I understood that there were merchants who sold Wyvern materials.

If it’s materials from a Wyvern, the nobles, high-ranked adventurers, or even the chivalric order might want them.

We had no channels through which to sell, but if it’s merchants who had connections, then they’ll want it.

Our stock would be consumed, and the merchants had connections.

This was a win-win for everyone.

We left the materials in the beastmen district.

The adventurers seemed quite strong, regardless of rank, so we asked them to guard them.

After the sales of the materials, we will pay them a retaining fee, so they too were happy and guarded them.

With this, I had a reason to come to the imperial capital again….


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