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「Alright, departing for the next town!」

Cruz-kun shouted this as we left the imperial capital and headed towards the next town.

Regarding the Wyvern materials, we left it to the merchants from the beastmen district.

In any case, we planned on stopping by on the way back, so I hoped that they could manage it by then.

At the very least, I asked them to help me stock up on a large amount of alcohol.

And, the next place we’re heading to was a port city.

The reason was simple, in order to buy salt.

Even in this world, the sea was made up of salt water and salt was obtained from salt water, so we went to buy it.

Unlike rock salt, it was a little expensive, but the flavor was good, so it was not wrong to obtain it even as goods.

It seems that we were getting closer to the bear peddler’s house as well.

It seems that he wanted to buy a portion for his own village.

Let’s take the opportunity to buy some for the orphanage as well. 

A few days after our departure, while looking on in blank amazement, we arrived at our destination, the port city.

Because there was a harbor, trade was prosperous and like the imperial capital, the main road had been maintained, so in addition to the speed of the horse carriage being fast, it seems that the kingdom’s chivalric order was going around on patrol, so you could run around without having to worry about monsters and bandits.

「Even so, this smell is really strong.」

「This is the smell of the sea.

You have to bear with it.」

Arriving at the port city, the first thing we were concerned about was the smell of the sea.

To me, it was a nostalgic scent, but for my younger sister and Cruz-kun who had a good nose, it might be difficult for them until they get accustomed to it.

Queen seemed a little uncomfortable with it as well. 

Perhaps it was because they also did business with foreign countries, as we caught sight of beastkins and beastmen from time to time in the city, so it wasn’t as unpleasant as the imperial capital.

Walking along the street, there were stalls, but the smell of grilled marine products did not lose to the smell of the sea. 

「Aah, there’s a nice smell.」

「It’s a smell that makes you drool.」

「Onii-chan, let’s eat that」

Perhaps their appetites had been stimulated by the smell of grilled marine products, as both the adventurer group and my younger sister were completely focused on eating.

「Then, why don’t we buy it for everyone and find somewhere to eat.」

「Then, we will go buy it!」

「In that case, let’s go look for a place where we can eat.」

At my suggestion, Cruz-kun and the adventurer group went to go buy it, and the children from the merchant group started looking for an open space.

My younger sister seemed to also want to go buy food, but there were a lot of people and I was worried that she would get lost, so I had her come with me to reserve an area. 

There was an open space a short walk away, so we stopped the horse carriage there and waited for the group that went out to buy food.

A short while later, the adventurer group returned while holding a large amount of food. 

「Wow, they all look tasty and I can’t choose.」

「They smell good.」

「In addition, the price was cheap as well.」

Certainly, compared to other places, the marine products were remarkably inexpensive.

In any case, the preservation technology was lacking, so basically, you could only eat them in the location where they’re produced.

The food that they bought was skewered grilled fish and shellfish, and there was also grilled fish that had been opened up just like dried fish.

In this world, it seems that fish could not be eaten raw.

I wanted to eat sashimi as well, but food poisoning was scary and there was no soy sauce either, so let’s give up on that. 


「It’s tasty!」

「Munch munch munch」

The food that they bought was all delicious.

The fish were fat, and there was a lot of meat.

The shellfish were also similar to turban shells and common orient clams and they were all tasty!

There was no soy sauce, so it had a salty flavor, but because of the abundance of salt, there was a strong flavor and was delicious in their own way.

We had come to buy salt, but we might buy fish as well.

It might be impossible for other people, but if it’s my Item Box, they wouldn’t spoil.

There was dried fish as well and it might be good to try looking around to see if there’s something like dried kombu. 

TN: kombu is kelp and is one of the ingredients to make Japanese dashi, which is stock that is used to make a variety of foods, including, but not limited to, miso soup.

So it is an important aspect of Japanese cuisine.

With bulging stomachs, we started searching for an inn to stay at.

Because of what happened in the imperial capital, I thought that it would be difficult, but it was only a port city and we easily settled on an inn.

Of course, the horse carriage, Queen, and the others could all stay there as well.


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