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Today, we will split into groups to go shopping.

The meal that we had during dinner at the inn had plenty of seafood and it was delicious.

My younger sister, Cruz-kun, and Ojii-san were all very eager to buy seafood.

There were too many people who were going shopping, so we split off into groups of several people.

Dividing into groups, the bear peddler, the merchant group, and half of the adventurer group.

The remaining people in the adventurer group,

and, our group.

I asked the merchant group to go to the guild, and buy salt.

If possible, it would be great if they could sell the materials that we still had leftover.

They did business with foreign countries here, so precious goods like the Wyvern materials seem to sell for a high price.

The adventurer group and our group will go shopping in the town.

Not just the seafood, if there were any rare goods, then I planned on buying those as well.

This was the port city and there were various things that were cheaper than in the imperial capital.

The merchant group departed with the horse carriage.

Ojii-san and I weren’t with them, so for now, I loaded it up with cargo that could be taken out.

The adventurer group couldn’t use the Item Box either, so they would return to the inn after buying a certain amount.

I considered the fact that they could also put them into the magic bags, but the seafood were living creatures, and it couldn’t be helped that they couldn’t be put in.

It was the same for my Item Box, but if I had the fish killed when I bought them, then they should be able to be put in.

However, the shellfish might be difficult….

When I went out onto the street, something like a market was open.

It was close to the sea, so it seemed that there were lots of shops that were selling seafood.

From small to large fish, from whole fish to fish filets, there were endless varieties. 

「Shuu, the fish over here, seems delicious!」

「Onii-chan, buy this too!」

「Oi, Shuu, the oba-chan over here said that she would give us a discount if we buy this!」

There were fish that were similar to the fish from Earth and there were fish that I’ve never seen before, so I wasn’t sure about the taste.

Because of that, we were indiscriminately buying them one by one, but Cruz-kun and my younger sister were recommending the seafood as if they were competing with each other.

The occhans and the oba-chans in the nearby stalls were amused and recommended things to them, so it was chaos all around us.

TN: occhan is a more casual for oji-chan, both meaning uncle.

「Sakuya-chan, there’s some over there too! Let’s go!」


Perhaps she was influenced by my younger sister’s power, as Sakuya-chan was also energetically going around the stalls.

Ojii-san was watching them, so I was rest assured.

And so, we bought things in turns, so pretending to carry the goods, I continued to put them into my Item Box when I turned a corner, and before I realized it, my younger sister’s voice could no longer be heard.

「Eh Cruz-kun, where are those two」

「Nn The chibis Come to think of it, they were gone before I realized it.」

In that case, Ojii-san should know, right

「Ojii-san, where did Sakuya-chan and the others go」

「Nn If it’s Sakuya, she’s in the shade over there.」

The place that Ojii-san pointed at was hidden in the shadow of the building and couldn’t be seen.

When I tried using mana to search, the response that I received was certainly my younger sister and Sakuya-chan’s.

I went over to take a look, thinking that perhaps something had happened, and the two of them ran out from the shade of the building.

「You two, did something happen」

「Onii-chan, you see, I gave food to these children!」

「They were hungry….」

Saying that, the two people showed us the cats that they were carrying in their arms.


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