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Just as I was thinking about where to go after parting with the fisherman, the screams of my younger sister and the others could be heard.

When Queen and I hurried towards the place my younger sister and the others were, my younger sister and the two cat beastkins were chugging down the water that Ojii-san had produced. 

「What in the world happened!」

Ojii-san was here, so I didn’t think that there would be any huge problems, but I didn’t think that they would scream.

「No, it’s nothing, they just drank the seawater.」

I see, I didn’t know if it was an accident or because they had been thirsty, but since this was their first time drinking seawater, then of course they would be surprised by it.

Sakuya-chan did not drink the water, so perhaps she knew about the seawater

「Is everyone, alright」

「Onii-chan! You can’t drink that water!」

「It’s very salty nya!」

「It’s not water nya….」

Perhaps the saltiness had somehow subsided, as they all started to express their dissatisfaction.

「Salt comes from that water.

That’s why it’s salty.

From now on, be careful and don’t drink it, ok」


「Yes nya!」


Un, they were obedient kids.

Now then, my younger sister and the others seemed to be a little afraid of the seawater because of this.

Let’s invite them to go on a walk or something

「So salty~!」


Oops, they did it as well

Looking over, Cruz-kun and the wolf cubs could be seen running with great haste.

I used magic to produce a somewhat larger water ball, and as I was waiting for them, Cruz-kun and the others vigorously thrusted their heads into it. 

「Great! You can drink this!」

Moving his head out of the water, Cruz-kun shouted this.


Perhaps it was extremely salty, as the wolf cubs wilted as well.

Or rather, I know that the water was produced using magic, but you made a mistake with the seawater, so I wanted you to check it before drinking it.

「Ooh, I didn’t think that the seawater would be that salty.」

「Why did you drink the water from the sea」

「Why, it just happened」


U–n, maybe they were curious Either way, if everyone’s gathered, then why don’t we all move together

「By the way, I was thinking of going over there, but why don’t we go together」


「Go nya!」


「Ou! Let’s go!」

It seems that everyone approved, so even though it was a little far away from the porty city, we headed towards the rocky area.

On the way, I told them that we may be able to buy fish from the fishermen.

The rocky area was a little further away, so we jogged there.

It was not a problem for Ojii-san, Cruz-kun, Queen, and the others to run over, but we had yet to be accustomed to the sandy beach, so it was a little difficult to run on. 

Arriving at the rocky area, everyone walked around, going their own way.

There was a pool of water in the rocky area, and we were looking around to see if there was anything inside.

「Onii-chan, there’s a lot of fish!」

「A lot, of fish….」

「Fish nya!」

「Tiny nya!」

It seems that they immediately found the fish and even Sakuya-chan was excited.

「Oi, Shuu! There’s shellfish too! Can this be eaten」




It seems that both Cruz-kun and the wolf cubs found various things.

I was looking around as well and I was able to find small fish, shellfish, and crab.

As expected, they were small and I didn’t know if they could be eaten, but I wanted to eat crabs….


As I was thinking that, Queen’s growl that was full of intimidation could be heard.


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