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The ones who responded swiftly after hearing Queen’s growl were the wolf cubs.

They immediately went to Queen and were vigilant of the surrounding area.

The ones who responded next were Cruz-kun, Ilya-chan, and my younger sister.

They each put their hands on their weapons and were cautious.

I had responded after them and came near the cat beastkins.

However, I suddenly realized that Ojii-san did not move.

Maa, if it’s Ojii-san, then perhaps it wasn’t something that he needed to be cautious of I looked around our surroundings as I was thinking of such things, thinking that I would see the opponent that Queen was vigilant of, but…there was nothing!

Cruz-kun and the others were also restlessly searching for it, but it seems that they were not able to find it.

However, Queen and the wolf cubs still stayed alert.

「Hey, is there anything there」

「I don’t see anything.」

「Somehow, it’s like the time when we were looking for the Treants.」

I remembered something upon hearing Cruz-kun’s words, and I tried using my mana to search for it.

In doing so, maa, it was there.

I was able to find many responses in the rocky area near the sea.

「I found them!」

「Ohh, where is it!」

「They’re everywhere!」


The look on the faces of Cruz-kun and the others seemed to be asking me what I was talking about.

And, I told them that perhaps the opponents were camouflaging themselves like the Treants.

「I see!」

「Then they won’t be found.」

「They don’t have a scent」

When I asked this, Cruz-kun tried searching for them through their scent, and Ilya-chan relied on sound, but it seems that they didn’t find them.

Queen noticed them, so they might find something

For the time being, I wanted to try doing something, and I tried throwing a stone at one of the responses. 

However, it hit somewhere close to it, but there was no movement.

There was no reaction, so when I tried throwing a larger stone while using more strength, the boulder started to move, and enormous pincers appeared.

「What is that!」

「It’s big.」


「Shuu, pincers, is it those」

「Un, they are probably the crab’s pincers.」

There were two huge pincers, so it was probably a crab monster.

If it was this big, then our arms and legs would be easily pinched, so we needed to be careful.

「I don’t know how strong it is, but be careful of the pincers.」


「Got it!」



Now then, enough about being careful of the pincers, how should we deal with it There were pincers, so it would be good to attack from further away, but obviously, arrows and knives would be ineffective on its body that’s made of rock.

There was probably a shell under the rock as well.

I always forgot about it, but today, I did not, so using『Appraisal』, I confirmed that its name was Rock Crab.

i didn’t know how much information『Appraisal』had, but for now, it was not written that it was poisonous, so it was probably edible.

That Rock Crab did not try to move from that place, so I decided to try various things.

Ilya-chan’s bow and arrow.

My younger sister’s throwing knives.

Cruz-kun’s stone throwing.

However, none of them were effective and the attacks were rendered useless after it moved its pincers.

If physical attacks were no good, then what about magic And so, when I tried using earth, water, fire, wind, as well as ice and lightning magic, fire and lightning seemed…to work.

Un, it’s grilled crab.

I immediately used fire and lightning magic and was able to kill one of them as I confirmed the heat level, or rather, the strength.

The delicious scent of grilled crab wafted over the vicinity.


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