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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The next day, Director-sensei and I went to the soldiers station and the Adventurer Guild again to let them know about the familiars. 

Their numbers might increase from now on, so we used the red scarf as a mark. 

As a result, we told those working at the soldiers station and the Adventurer Guild about that and the fact that currently, my familiars were the Little Eagle and the Horned Rabbit. 

With this, we could just let them know the type of familiar in the future.

Maa, Im doubtful as to whether the numbers of familiars will increase from now on though….

When we returned to the orphanage, Miu was playing tag with the children.

Miu was the demon, but as expected, because its a rabbit monster, it was fast and flexible. 

It was just my younger sister, the rabbit beastman Ilya-chan, and Cruz-kun from the wolf tribe, but somehow, it felt like they were running away. 

If it was this quick on its feet, then it might be good to have it help me hunt. 

Or rather, my hunting had nothing to show for, so I needed to use a different method. 

Firstly, the bola.

As expected, I had no experience whatsoever, so I wouldnt be able to suddenly catch a bird.

It was impossible because I tried to catch them using strings like with the bola.

I made some improvements on the three-stoned bola, and tied the strings in the center to the other strings to make a spider web shape.

With this, the range of entrapment should have widened. 

Also, it wouldnt be good to lose it, so I tied a long string in the middle so that I could pull it back. 

This was no longer a bola, it was a casting net (lol).

The pitfalls more or less worked, but there were barely any animals around, so theyre pointless. 

Instead, I would like Miu to make up for them.

How effective were Mius ears when used to search for enemies. 

If we found an animal, Miu could draw their attention or drive them into the pitfall.

We could use that strategy. 

I also wanted to practice magic here.

Right now, Ill do wind magic.

I want to be able to search my surroundings using wind.

Using it together with mana detection, it would be useful to get a grasp on the situation. 

In addition, the magic where you throw a ball of wind.

I wanted to use it along with the casting net to hunt birds. 

Also, earth magic.

If I could create stones, wouldnt I be able to produce other minerals At the very least, if I could create iron, that would be most satisfactory. 

A week later. 

Today, it was the first time I brought Miu to Dragon Forest.

When we were leaving, Ilya-chan was throwing a tantrum, not wanting me to take it along, but when I reasoned with her that it had originally lived in Dragon Forest and that I would let it eat food there, she agreed. 

Miu too seemed lonely when it separated from Ilya-chan, but it seemed to be having fun in Dragon Forest.

Since it could eat as much as it wanted.

The orphanage was as big as it was and there was also plenty of grass, but as expected, theres not enough to eat in the end, so starting today, I needed to periodically bring it along with me. 

After picking a certain amount of fruits, I attempted to hunt with Miu.

「Miu, can you tell if there are any animals around here with your ears」

「Kyui …kyui!!」

Just as I was wondering if it was making its rabbit ears twitch, it suddenly broke off into a run, and I hurriedly chased after it. 

I used mana detection, but there werent really any living creatures in the direction we were going, but….

After running for a while, Miu stopped, and pointed its horn in that direction. 

Hiding behind a tree, I peeked over there, and there were three rabbits eating grass.

When I tried using mana detection while watching the rabbits, certainly, there was a response, though it was weak.

It was probably because of the strong mana in Dragon Forest that the rabbits small amount of mana was concealed. 

This was no different than mana detection being ineffective towards animals.

I didnt know how many animals would be concealed, but most likely, monsters had a lot of mana so I was able to find them.

For now, I understood that Miu would be helpful with regards to the animals.


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