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「Then, what should we do today …rather, are you listening」

The next day, we gathered together to discuss the schedule, but the adventurer group was absent minded, perhaps recalling the crabs.

「It can’t be helped, ignore them and let’s decide for ourselves.」

We ignored the adventurer group and discussed it with the merchant group children.

The merchant group had gone to the guild, but other than salt, it seems that most of the goods were sold to the imperial capital merchants and large companies and it was said that it would be difficult for peddlers like us to buy them. 

However, with regards to dried fish, it seems that they could sell a certain amount to us.

When we were talking with the fishermen, they said that they would sell dried fish to us as well.

I was told that each family made dried fish and in a sense, the fishermen made them as they liked, so they told me to take as much as I wanted.

The merchant group would go to the guild to procure them, and we would go to the fishermen’s place to buy them and when we were about to move on to talk about various things, we were stopped by the adventurer group.

The adventurer group said that they wanted to go to the fishermen’s place.

Cruz-kun and my younger sister seemed like they wanted to eat crab as well, but here, I yielded to the adventurer group.

「Ah~, I wanted to eat Rock Crabs too.」

「It was delicious nya.」

「I want to eat it again nya.」

Walking around town, the two cat beastkins complained with Cruz-kun.

It seems that they had also got along with Sakuya-chan and the four people happily held hands, but as expected, four people standing side-by-side would block the street, so being careful, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan were each holding hands with the one of the cat beastkins and walking around.

「Let’s eat that next!」

「It smells good nya~.」

「That looks good too!」


They were saying one thing after another, but after smelling the nice scent from the stall, their noses were twitching in that direction while being drawn in and having fun in the town.

Soon, their stomachs were bulging and the two cat beastkins, Sakuya-chan, and Ilya-chan went to look around the stalls that sold things other than food.

Cruz-kun, my younger sister, and Ojii-san, like usual, continued to eat.

I too was putting food in my Item Box while eating in moderation.

After lunch, everyone was restless.

They probably wanted to go to the fishermen’s place.

Yesterday, they had also come back from fishing around this time, so it might be alright to head over.

As we headed to the fishermen’s place while peeking into the shops and stalls, for some reason, the merchant group children were already there.

「Shuu and the others, as expected, you guys came as well.」

It seems that the merchant group could not wait for the crabs either.

The Steppe Horses were also on the sandy beach, and perhaps everyone was here.

It couldn’t be helped that we came.

And so, we split up and started working.

We bought fish from the fisherman.

We bought dried fish from the wife.

Hunted crabs.

Cooked the crabs.

Organized the stuff we bought.

We were working, but as expected, everyone liked the crabs, so we had the crab party at an earlier time.

I tried letting the Steppe Horses, who were interested in it, try them as well, but it seems that they didn’t think it was very tasty.

Instead, when I let them eat the seaweed, they unexpectedly liked them and all the seaweed that I had picked that day were eaten. 

What‘s good about the Rock Crabs was that you could talk while eating it, though the taste went without saying.

It was also big, so there’s no need to pick at it like the crabs from Japan and we’re able to talk normally.

Yesterday, I was excited about the crabs for the first time in a long time (first time for my orphanage friends), but as expected, I had calmed down today and was able to talk.

And, because we were talking among the people in our group, the schedule for tomorrow was decided.


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