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A few days after we departed from the port city, we stayed over at a certain town.

Tomorrow, we will climb the mountain on which the bear peddler’s village was located.

This town was the closest place to the village, and was the last stop.

It seems that if we departed in the morning, we would arrive in the evening, and thanks to Queen and Cruz-kun, we would arrive in less than half the time compared to going by horse carriage.

Fortunately, it was far away from the imperial capital and the port city, so Queen and the others could also stay at the inn, which made it a pleasant journey.

Tomorrow, we would be walking on the mountain trail, so I asked Ojii-san to put away the wolf cart that we had been riding on and we would travel on foot.

We could also put it into my Item Box, but Ojii-san’s magic was still the only storage-type method that was known, so he put it away.

Honestly, I didn’t think that Queen and Cruz-kun would climb the mountain in a well-behaved manner, so I was also a little worried.

And so, the next day, as expected, or rather, how should I say it, perhaps they couldn’t stand it after having entered the mountain for a short while, as Queen started running, deviating from the mountain trail, and rushed into the forest.

「Ah, that’s sneaky! I’m going too!」

Cruz-kun followed after her, and according to the bear peddler, it seems that monsters rarely appeared in this mountain, so they did not need to do that.



In the sky, Pii-chan and the others were hunting while staying vigilant.

「Seriously, Cruz has no composure.」

Ilya-chan was exasperated with Cruz-kun, but looking closely, she was also eager to go.

「Onii-chan, I want to go too!」

「(Nod nod)……」

Oh my, it seems that my younger sister and Sakuya-chan also wanted to go into the forest.

Come to think of it, we had been traveling a lot recently and we had not gone to the forest, so did they miss the Dragon Forest

「Can we make a small detour」

「Aah, everyone has more stamina than I thought, so it should be fine if we go for a little bit.」

I confirmed it with the bear peddler, so everyone walked around the forest for a little while.

「Onii-chan, over there, it’s a medicinal herb!」

「There are mushrooms here….」

We had already been on this trip for a month, but it seems that their harvesting skills had not deteriorated.

As expected, it was not on the same level as Dragon Forest, but perhaps it was because we had the know-how, as we found medicinal herbs and food one after another.

I was, more or less, searching for mana, but I didn’t find anything that interested me, so maybe there were no monsters.

A short while later, Queen brought back a deer, and Cruz-kun carried a wild boar back.

「Which one is bigger!」

Cruz-kun asked everyone this, but our opinions were unanimous. 


Before we knew it, Pii-chan and the Seacat had hunted so many birds and rabbits that they formed a mountain.

Hunting too much would bring trouble to the local people, and it would be bad if the ecosystem was destroyed, so we needed to be careful.

There was a large amount of prey, but as expected, there was no time to dismantle them, so I asked Ojii-san to put them away and it would be a gift to the village.

It took some time, but perhaps it was a good change of pace, as our speed was, for some reason, faster, and we were able to arrive at the bear peddler’s village before the sun set, which was ahead of schedule.


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