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All the children who came back were smiling.

Normally, they would only be in the forest for a short while, so the amount that they could harvest was not a lot, but today, they had escorts and there was a lot of prey as well, so of course they’re pleased.

「We got a lot~.」

「This, I picked it!」

「Ehehe, today, I killed a rabbit!」

It seems that Queen had the children practice hunting as well.

It was still dangerous for the children, so it might be better to be cautious Maa, if it’s the rabbits, then the possibility of them getting injured was low, huh….

The children were talking excitedly with their parents who came to pick them up at the entrance of the village, but when the growling of a child’s stomach sounded, that same sound could be heard one after another, and after stating that they were hungry, everyone went back to their respective houses.

China-chan was no exception and was hungry, so she returned home.

We arrived after her.

San-san cooked enough for us too.

As one would expect, it would be unreasonable to have her make Queen and the others’ portion as well, so I roasted meat for them outside.

San-san made soup and bread for us, so it was like a small barbeque. 

In the middle of dinner, I told the bear peddler about the ice house.

The shape of it was made roughly, but I needed them to make the door and the pillars.

As one would expect, he had been scolded in the daytime, so I wanted to believe that he wouldn’t drink, but I’ll let him know ahead of time.

「You see, Sakuya-chan, China-chan, and I picked a lot of medicinal herbs today!」

As soon as I finished talking with Ojii-san, my younger sister happily told us what they did today.

Perhaps she had a lot of fun, as Sakuya-chan also joined in the conversation.

China-chan was eagerly talking to San-san.

Ojii-san and the bear peddler were listening to them, seemingly lonely. 

The next day, my younger sister and the others sorted out their spoils.

The goods that they had harvested, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, and fruits, were abundant, and as always, Queen and the others had hunted too much prey.

It seems that the boys would be taught how to dismantle them by the villagers and they headed to a place somewhat further away from the village. 

The girls, under the guidance of the married women and the bear peddler, sorted the goods into those that could be eaten and those that could be sold.

Incidentally, I was a boy, but I was with them.

Looking at the harvested goods, I planned on buying them, depending on the situation.

I, more or less, had a Commerce Guild ID. 

Overall, the harvested goods could not be found in Dragon Forest.

As expected, we were quite far away from Dragon Forest, so there was different vegetation.

Whether it’s the medicinal herbs, mushrooms, or the fruits, they would last longer if we dried them, so I’ll sell them a little at a time.

I didn’t know how effective they were, but including the souvenirs for the pharmacist oji-san and the alchemist obaa-san, there were a lot of medicinal herbs. 

I didn’t know the market price, so in this situation, I decided to consult the bear peddler.

Maa, they were all originally things that they ate themselves, so they weren’t worth much.

In addition, the amount of money for the medicinal herbs was about the same as the remuneration from the Adventurer Guild.

There were many former adventurers here, so their estimation was spot on.

And, the proceeds would be given to the children.

The sum of money was not that much either, and dividing it up by the number of children, it was undoubtedly a small sum, but it was the money that they had earned themselves.

When we gave it to them, everyone seemed very happy.

A long time ago, when I received pocket money from helping out around the house, I would rush to the candy store. 

In this world, the children helping out with the chores was a matter of course, so there was no allowance, so pocket money like this was rare.

In this world, there was nothing like a candy store, so if I came here again, maybe I’ll bring them dried fruits from Dragon Forest or something.


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