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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Now then, how do I catch these rabbits that Ive found after so much trouble.

Miu and I crouched down, and the first thing I did was to create a pitfall.

There were three of them, so I made it a little deeper.

Also, I got the casting net ready, and I asked Miu to lead them to the pitfall by chasing them from behind.

It would be good if they fell in.

If not, I planned to catch them using the casting net.

Miu got into place, and I hid behind a tree as well, making various preparations.

Somehow, I could use telepathy with my familiars, so I gave Miu the signal. 

A cry could be heard coming from the rabbits, and I heard them coming near.

As I readied the casting net, the rabbits came towards me.

The rabbits were running towards the pitfall. 

The rabbit running in front fell straight into the pitfall!!

As I wondered if the other two would fall into the pitfall just like the first rabbit, but the second and third rabbit jumped over it.

I was flustered, but it was already too late to throw the net, and the rabbits escaped.

As I was feeling dejected, even the rabbit that fell into the pitfall jumped out and ran away.

Even though the strategy meeting with Miu went smoothly, because I did not follow through on the plan, the hunting failed. 

When I placed both hands on the ground and hung my head, Miu approached me and comforted me.

「Im sorry, it was my fault~.」


I cuddled with Miu as I apologized.

Having calmed down, I reflected on what happened this time.

Firstly, the casting net, the rabbits were obviously too fast and it did not seem like I would be able to catch them. 

, the pitfall, I did not think that they would jump out of it.

Taking those things into consideration, regardless of whether they fall into the pitfall or not, it might be good to throw the net when they get close to the pitfall. 

I told Miu to let me know if she found another animal, and once again returned to harvesting various things.

I harvested the amount for today, and when Miu was full, its ears started twitching.

It seems that it found prey.

When I followed Miu, this time, there was a rabbit lying down on the ground. 

Just like before, I dug a hole, hid, and prepared the net.

Miu went to the other side and the preparations were complete. 

Hunt start.

Miu ran towards the rabbit.

The rabbit hurriedly got up and ran away from Miu.

I could hear something approaching me.

Any time now.

I could see the rabbit.

I readied the net. 

The rabbit was getting closer to the pitfall. 


I threw the net at it!! Thanks to the throwing skill, it was thrown accurately.

It fell into the pitfall!!

Immediately, the casting net covered the hole.

Leaving it like this, it would be easy for the rabbit to get away, so I quickly used magic to affix the nets stones onto the ground. 

With this, the rabbit shouldnt be able to escape.

I quickly approached the hole, and peeked inside.

In an instant, the rabbit appeared before me!! However, it threw itself into the net and then fell back into the hole.

It seems that the rabbits capture was a success.

Using earth magic, I made the hole smaller and smaller and caught the rabbit.

It was quite big and fluffy and cute.

It was hard to kill it!!

As I was troubled, Miu


gave a cry and ran in front of me.

Then, blood was gushing out from the neck of the captured rabbit.


Surprised, I flung the rabbit away.

When I looked at Miu, the pointy end of its horn was wet with blood.

「Kyui!! Kyui!!」

It seems that Miu killed it for me who did not have the determination to do so.

I was grateful, but somehow, I didnt feel relieved.

「Oops, not good.」

I held onto the rabbits hind legs, put it into the pitfall, and drained the blood.

「And, just now, thanks, Miu.」



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