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「Hey, aren’t there a lot of people」

「Yes, it’s obvious that there are a lot.」

「Moreover, the ones working are all children」

At first, I thought that it was the fisherman’s wife was the one helping out, but looking closely, most of them were children.

In addition, there were dogs, bears, sheep, squirrels(), and birds as well There were many species of beastkins and beastmen.

「Ooh, you’ve come back, huh.」

「Onee-chan nya!」

「Welcome back nya!」

As we were looking at them, the adventurer group and the cat sisters noticed us and came up to us. 

「We’re back-!」

「W, we’re back….」

「We just got back, so, what’s going on with those guys」

Standing next to the cat sisters, my younger sister, and Sakuya-chan who were hugging each other, Cruz-kun asked about the children who he was curious about.

「Ah~, those children are the same as those two.」

After asking about it, it seems that those children were also orphans and as they were working and making preparations for dinner on the beach, they appeared out of nowhere and were watching them.

And, the cat sisters, who noticed them, brought them over.

Just like the cat sisters, they came to this town by boat, but it seems that they became orphans due to various reasons, such as illnesses and being attacked by pirates.

When the cat sisters became orphans, they showed them the places where they could sleep, so they were acquaintances. 

「Even so, why are there no humans」

That’s right, for some reason, it was just beastkins and beastmen and there was not a single human.

「That’s because they’re all in the town’s orphanage.

At first, we noticed that as well and asked about it, but they said that the orphanage in this town accepts humans and no other races.」

「What’s with that! Don’t joke with me!」

「It didn’t seem like there was any discrimination in this town, but it appeared in this kind of place.」

「And, as expected, they’re pitiful, so we’ll give them food and they help us with work.」

「But, that’s not a long-term solution, and what are they going to do from now on」

「The merchant group is working hard on that.」

I was just thinking that I hadn’t seen them, but it seems that the merchant group was currently at the Commerce Guild negotiating.

When I asked them what they were negotiating, I was told that they were doing so in order to purchase the land on the edge of town.

「Buying a place like that, what are they going to do with it」

A reasonable question coming from Cruz-kun.

「Cruz, where do we live And, who are the people here」

「Nn We live at the Sirius Orphanage and the people here are orphans」

「That’s right! Then, what are we going to do」


「What an idiot.

We’re going to build an orphanage for those children.

As one would expect, we can not take this many people to Sirius Orphanage.」

「Aah, sorry about deciding it by ourselves, but we wanted to build them an orphanage, or at the very least, a place for them to live.」

Certainly, they’ve taken care of them up until now, they couldn’t abandon them.

But, there was a large number of them and there were also children who were very young, so it would be difficult for us to bring them to Sirius Orphanage.

Certainly, building an orphanage might be a good thing.

In addition, if we continued to ask them to help us process the marine products, then they wouldn’t have to worry about work.

「That’s right, perhaps I’ll ask you to go to the guild as well, so keep that in mind.」

We were convinced by the adventurer group’s explanation.

Money was needed in order to buy land, and most of the money was in my possession, so I needed to go there.

Of course, I gave the merchant group money, but not enough to buy land.

Or rather, if we’re going to build an orphanage, there was the person who would manage the maintenance costs of the building and there would be many things to deal with, but were there any suggestions regarding that


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