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Now then, for now, let’s start with the ones that we’re able to solve.

First, the majority of the children, we’ll have them continue making dried fish just as they’ve been doing.

If we divided up the work, then there would be something that even the younger children would be able to do.

Next, we’ll have the older children go with Cruz-kun, Queen, and Ojii-san to level up.

We didn’t know how many monsters there were around here or how strong they were, but I wanted them to do their best to aim for level 10.

If they reach it, then they would be able to do manual labor and guard the children.

Due to the number of children, let’s have the adventurer group go with them as escorts.

And perhaps I’ll build the house with the adventurer group It would be impossible to build a standard one with no materials or assistance, but I had the materials to make a simple hut and if the adventurer group helped me, then we’ll be able to manage it somehow or another.

In that case, let’s start by going with the merchant group to buy the land.

「Oh my You were here just yesterday.」

Going into the Commerce Guild, the person who seemed to be the one who was responsible for the merchant group the day before called out to us.

If they’ve spoken with them before, then the conversation should go smoothly, so we discussed it with this person.

「Well then, you’re going to open a branch store in this town」

Rather than a branch store, please think of it as one of our bases.

To begin with, we were peddlers who didn’t even have a store. 

「You being peddlers even though you have land and a building is strange though….」

We spoke with the Commerce Guild person about building an orphanage and company, but it seems that it was thought of as strange.

Certainly, if we had the money to prepare for the land and the building, then it would be normal for one to open a shop somewhere.

To say nothing of this world where monsters and bandits were common, plus the fact that it was too dangerous to travel. 

However, the goal was to build an orphanage, so we were able to buy the land that we wanted.

Moreover, thanks to the fishermen putting in a good word for us, we received a small discount.

The land was close to the forest that was a bit further away from the town.

They would hunt as well and it was close to the fishermen’s place, so it was, unexpectedly, a good location.

「Well then, why don’t we register those children at the guild」

The problem now was their identity.

Even though it was an orphanage, the young children did not have any identification papers.

When they came of age, they would pay taxes and could receive an ID, but most of them were minors, and did not have any identification papers.

No, if they were able to travel on the ship, then they should have it Their parents were no longer here, so it might be difficult to identify them, but it needed to be done.

Regarding that, if it was the Commerce Guild, then even minors would be issued an ID.

Actually, we had it too.

I planned on having some people from Sirius Orphanage come here, but it would be better to have the older ones get Guild IDs. 

「Yes, we still don’t know how many people will register, but please take care of us at that time.」

In the beginning, the people from the guild were a little suspicious, but because we bought salt and sold monster materials and potions, the branch store, or rather, the base, was approved.

I was thankful that we had  connections with the Commerce Guild over here as well, so let’s work hard on the potions from now on and sell them.

After the formalities were completed, we returned to the beach.

There, the children were doing their best to make dried fish.

The fisherman’s wife was also teaching the children how to identify the fish and was very helpful.

It seems that the fishermen were also worried about the orphans and were helping us.

However, I was curious about the fact that the madam, who was teaching them, had the『Dismantling』skill and not the『Cooking』skill.


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