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Now then, about the construction of the building, but what did they need

First of all, the house.

A place for them to live.

Just in case, we had tents and huts, so perhaps that could be done later

Next was a stable It was necessary for the Steppe Horses to have a place to stay.

There was a simple stable in my Item Box, so this was fine at the moment, but I wanted to build a proper one.

Incidentally, I had brought the simple stable along, thinking that we’d use it when we were camping, but in the end, we didn’t use it.

After that, perhaps a watering hole The sea was nearby, so water was a necessity, but the land we bought was far away from the river, so including the magic tools, I wanted a water source, a bathtub, and a shower.

「If you think about it, out of all these, sure enough, it’s the shower, right」

It was right next to the sea, so the salty sea breeze was terrifying.

If you were outside for a day, your hair would become stiff.

The children and the beastmen were still alright, but the beastkin and the children with fur, their entire body would feel uncomfortable.

Because of that, I wanted a shower.

It was cold in the winter, so if possible, a bathtub as well.

The fact that I was still unable to make a magic tool that produced warm water was lamentable…. 

I had the materials, so I’ll use『Earth Magic』to build the bathtub and the shower somewhere far away from the sandy beach.

I’ve made it before, so it went smoothly.

And, I took out the completed magic tool that produced water, the bathtub and kettle magic tools, and a simple shower out from my Item Box and returned to the fishermen’s place. 

「Excuse me, I want to build a watering hole here, but is that alright」

「That We don’t mind, but are you going to dig a well or something Even if you dug in this area, only salt water would come out, you know」

Maa, as for the watering hole, normally, it would be a well.

When I told them that I would make a watering hole using a magic tool, they were surprised, but when I told the fishermen that they could use it as well, they were incredibly happy.  

「But, although we are thankful that you’re letting us use it, will the demon nuclei be alright」

Magic tools use the demon nuclei that could be found in the bodies of monsters as energy in order to function.

It was similar to a single-use battery, so a certain amount was required in order to use the magic tool, but because the demon nuclei came from monsters, it was a valuable commodity.

Moreover, the stronger the monsters were, the higher the quality of demon nuclei, so if it were a relatively cheap demon nucleus, then a certain amount of them would be required and it would cost money.

「About that, I have a small request, but….」

I requested for the fisherman to provide the demon nuclei. 

In the sea, other than the normal fish, there were fish monsters as well.

Of course, the fisherman knew this as well and said that they sold the monsters’ demon nuclei that they obtained and earned pocket money.

However, the demon nuclei that they harvested was about the same size as that of a goblin’s, so the amount of money was not a lot though….

However, even so, it was part of their income and when I asked them to supply it to us, they had a frown on their face.

But, what I wanted was much smaller and was something that was usually thrown away.

Seeing was believing, so if the goblin’s demon nucleus was the size of the tip of the pinky finger, then the small demon nucleus that I took out from the discarded viscera was as tiny as a grain of rice. 

「There was something like this! We had no idea….」

They were surprised that there was a demon nucleus in the things that they usually threw away, but the fisherman said that if it was something like this, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

With this, the watering hole was completed.

After a while, the『Orphanage Bathhouse』would be popular in town, but that was something that would happen in the future. 


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