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Now then, the watering hole had been completed, so next was the building.

As expected, I wanted to build a two-story building with multiple rooms, but there was no time, materials, or helping hands, so I could only give up on that.

For now, let’s build something that would keep out the wind and rain.

The material used to build it was basically lumber taken from Dragon Forest.

I had also made a roof at the bear peddler’s village, but at that time, I was told by the villager that the wood that I was using was too robust.

I didn’t know at first, but when I looked at the houses in the village, the density() of the wood was certainly different and it was solid, but on the other hand, if asked if it was that much heavier, I didn’t think that it was that much different from wood used to build the houses, and I understood that it was high-quality wood.

Therefore, I used wood from Dragon Forest, but there wasn’t that much lumber in my Item Box, so depending on the situation, I might have to go to the nearby forest to cut some down.

There was no blueprint and it was a simple building, so the preparations were not complicated.

The fishermen and the madams were in a place further away, but I told them I had a magic bag, so they did not feel that it was strange when I took out the wood.

After taking out a certain amount, I got to work.

When I started doing it on my own, the adventurer group and even the older boys among the children began helping me.

A few days later, we finished building several huts, and a hut for the Seacats.

From now on, this was one of our bases, but although they had already come of age, they were all children and I was a little worried, so I decided to increase the number of familiars.

The first on the list were the Seacats.

There were a lot of them, and above all, their levels were high to begin with.



However, there was a negative effect as well.

When there were two or three Seacats, then it’s fine, but as the number increased, there was a dispute that broke out between Pii-chan and the leader. 

If it were one versus one, then Pii-chan was the stronger one.

Of course, there were the levels of course, but there was a huge difference in combat experience between the Seacats who steadily raised their levels through weak fish monsters and Pii-chan who raised its level by fighting against strong opponents in Dragon Forest. 

However, there was the tyranny of the majority, and it couldn’t be helped that Pii-chan would be at a disadvantage if it was approached by a large number of adults.


「Pii-chan, this is special training!」

「Do your best….」

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan were comforting Pii-chan who was feeling down, but was it influenced by Cruz-kun who said that there was special training It felt like a sports drama and the three of them became Queen’s apprentices and started training. 

During the fight with Pii-chan, the Seacats understood the importance of cooperation and always acted in threes. 

The number of Seacat familiars increased and I thought that the fighting strength as the escorts of this harbor city’s orphanage was enough, but honestly, I wanted a few more of them.

Especially familiars who were suitable for both land and sea.

However, I didn’t know of any such monsters, so next time, let’s try consulting with the fishermen.

While we were building the huts, I asked the merchant group to run an errand.

I asked them to handle the business at the merchants’ place in the imperial capital.

Some time had passed since we were there, so they should’ve replenished various things.

Actually, I wanted to explore the imperial capital, but the gazes on my younger sister, Cruz-kun, and Ilya-chan were harsh, so I wanted to go a little later when they’ve come of age.

I wanted the merchant group to take the opportunity to take a look at the daily necessities in the imperial capital.

Afterwards, they might need to sample the processed fish as well In addition, let’s notify them about the base that we built in this harbor city.

There probably wouldn’t be any left over, but it would be great if they could find a channel through which to sell the fish….


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