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「I’ll make good money!」

「Be careful on the way back, ok」

「Come back soon nya.」

With the merchant group, the adventurer group, and the cat sisters in front, the children saw us off and we departed from the harbor city.

「We can finally return.」

「There are still a place that we need to drop by though.」

「We’re not going back to the orphanage」

「Cruz, you didn’t hear what we were talking about We promised to visit the hidden village, didn’t we」

「Aah, come to think of it, didn’t they take care of the furs.」

Honestly, I wanted to return directly, but we needed to deliver goods to the hidden beastmen village on the way back.

Maa, there was a pathway leading up to the village, so I didn’t think that it would take long, but not being able to return quickly….

「We’re wasting time on one thing or another, so we need to hurry up.」

Taking detours and building the orphanage took more time than expected, so Director-sensei would surely be worried.

「Our next destination is the hidden village, is that alright」

A little while after our departure, Ojii-san asked me about our next stop.

Actually, I wanted to see if I could buy some goats and sheep from the villagers in the neighboring town, but I thought about going back quickly, and the only place we could go was the hidden village.

「Let’s see, we don’t have time, so we can only drop by the hidden village.」

「Then I’ll send us there.」

Sending or something, we’re returning together using the wolf cart though….

I didn’t understand what he was talking about, but we followed Ojii-san’s instructions and headed to a place where there were no people.

「This area should be fine.」

After confirming that we couldn’t feel anyone’s presence nearby, Ojii-san gathered his mana and was trying to use some sort of magic. 

「Everyone, come inside.」

Saying that, a magic circle (), with Ojii-san as the center point, appeared on the ground.

we hurriedly moved into the magic circle, taking the wolf cart with us.

Confirming that everyone was inside the circle, Ojii-san invoked the magic, and in an instant, it felt like  I lost consciousness.

And, I realized that the scenery in front of us had changed.

「This place, is near the hidden village」

Nose twitching, Cruz-kun tilted his head in confusion.

Certainly, now that you mentioned it, this seems to be the entrance to the forest that was near the hidden village.

「I just transferred us.」

A shocking statement from Ojii-san! Apparently, he used magic to transfer us from the harbor city to the hidden village.『Transfer Magic』existed in this world! Or rather, the distance would’ve taken us several days by horse carriage, in an instant….

「Such convenient magic….

Will I be able to learn it」

「That ‘s impossible!」

Immediate reply! Asking him for more details, I was told that『Transfer Magic』consumed a lot of mana, so it would be difficult for ordinary people, and technique-wise, it was difficult because you needed to have a clear image of the location.

For example, Ojii-san had been to the imperial capital before, so he could’ve transferred there I asked this, but it seems that he was not able to because the last time he went was ten years prior, so his impression of the place was vague.

Instead, there were magic tools that utilized magic circles.

You would be able to go back and forth between corresponding magic circles, and use demon nuclei as a substitute for mana.

But, magic tools were valuable and consumed a large amount of demon nuclei, so it seems that typically, they’re not used.

However, since I knew that they existed, I’d like to try making them someday.

We’ve gone off-topic, but I wanted to get there quickly, so we headed to the hidden village without delay.


Arriving at the village, the children gathered around, with the tanuki siblings at the forefront.

and in no time at all, my younger sister was surrounded by the children of the village.

And, the adults had come as well, so I took out various goods and gave the necessities to them.

This time, we procured a large amount of goods at the harbor city, so I gave the salt and dried fish to them at a cheap price.

They rarely ate fish, so the response was somewhat lacking, but they were happy with the salt.    

After the exchange, we were restless, so we departed.

And, we decided to pass through the neighboring town on our way back, but Ojii-san used『Transfer Magic』again and we arrived at a place that was near Ojii-san and the other’s house, and we were able to return to Frey Town in the blink of an eye.


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