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As soon as we entered the  town through the gate, the usual gatekeeper was there.

「Ohh, you’ve finally returned! Rather, it’s just you guys The others aren’t here」

While he was talking to us as he was going through the formalities, he noticed that there weren’t a lot of us and asked us about it.

「Ehehe, actually, we built a new orphanage.」

Cruz-kun proudly told him this, but he didn’t give much of an explanation, so the gatekeeper looked confused.

When Ilya-chan and I filled in the details, he understood and rubbed Cruz-kun’s head as he wished us luck.

Entering the town without any issues, the villagers who saw Queen and the others would greet them from time to time.

「Even so, he was here today as well….」

「Un, even though it’s so late….」

The gatekeeper who’s always there no matter when you go, it’s too mysterious.

Incidentally, when I gave them some dried fish as a souvenir, the gatekeeper and the other soldiers were happy.

I took the opportunity to advertise it, telling them to buy them from us if they liked it.

The gatekeeper was in a position where he could communicate with various people, so we should win him over. 

When we approached the orphanage, the children who noticed Queen and Pii-chan rushed over. 

「Welcome back–.」

「It’s Queen–.」

The children dashed towards their preferred targets, but when they noticed that there weren’t a lot of us, they restlessly looked around.

「Where’s onii-chan」

「And onee-chan」

The children questioned us, so we told them that the merchant group and the adventurer group stayed at the harbor city to build the orphanage.

As we were telling them this, Director-sensei and Char-chan, realizing that we had returned, came out of the orphanage.

「Everyone, welcome back…what happened to the other children」

「Everyone, is unharmed, right」

The two of them were happy that we were not injured, but as expected, their complexions paled when they saw that the number of people was not that many.

「It’s not easy to be responsible for another’s life, you know」

「What about money」

「Are there enough people」

「Do they have a place to live」

When I told Director-sensei and Char-chan about the new orphanage, they asked one question after another, or rather, they gave me advice.

Perhaps it was because they were regretful that this orphanage had gone through difficult times, but there were enough funds at the moment, so it should be fine.

However, I made a mistake.

When asked where the funds came from, I told them that the money was from selling monsters such as Wyverns, and they continued on to ask how we obtained them.

「Shuu, why didn’t you tell us something so important!」

Darn it.

I was happy that there were a lot of Wyvern materials in my Item Box and that I had sold various things, but come to think of it, I forgot to tell Director-sensei about the things that I had received from Ojii-san.

Although I got them from Ojii-san, our guardian obviously had to give him our thanks….

Director-sensei brought me over to Ojii-san to give him our gratitude, but he told us that we didn’t need to worry about it and that both he and Sakuya had a good time with a smile on his face.

Originally, we had obtained a lot of alcohol for Ojii-san, but I thought about getting some more for him.

The talk with Director-sensei was over, but as expected, I couldn’t go to the farm now, so I’ll give everyone a detailed explanation tomorrow.

Today’s dinner was expected to be stew made from the seafood that we brought back.

I was looking forward to seeing how much more delicious Char-chan would make it. 


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