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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

I thought about it as I drained the rabbits blood. 

Now then, what do I do with this

To begin with, it was because of Pii-chan that I came to hunt prey, but Pii-chan did not eat meat yet.

Besides, I was able to hunt it this time, but I wanted to feed it meat after I am able to hunt regularly. 

The biggest problem was, my younger sister and the others would cry if I brought the rabbit back.

For now, lets hide it in my Item Box.

Since time did not elapse, it would always be fresh. 

The rabbit was drained of blood and I put it into my Item Box.

it seemed that I still had some time left, so I decided to hunt a little more.

「It seems that theres still time, so Im thinking about going hunting, but were there any prey nearby」


Mius ears were twitching as it tilted its head to the side.

「You cant find them right away, huh.

Then, why dont we look for them on our way home!!」


We confirmed the direction of our path home and looked around as we walked back.

We found two rabbits on the way.

Just like before, I dug a hole and prepared the casting net.

There were two of them this time, but I concentrated on covering the holes and not on how many there were!!

Unfortunately, one of them escaped, but I was able to catch the other.

Miu once again helped me cut its neck and I drained the blood.

I was still not used to cutting open the neck, thus reaping its life, in order to drain the blood.

However, I needed to get used to this world where monsters were abundant and life was fragile. 

When I thought about such a thing, I had finished drawing out the blood and I decided to return to the orphanage. 

「Miu, thanks for today.」

「Kyui, kyui」

「Also, the rabbits are a secret until we catch some more.」


After that, we returned to the orphanage without any problems.

At the orphanage, the three beast children greeted us. 

「Were back~.」


「「「Welcome home.」」」

「Rather, did something happen! Are you injured!」

After greeting us, the wolf tribes Cruz-kuns nose was twitching as he asked this, flustered.

「Ehh Im not hurt at all」

「But, theres a strong smell of blood!!」

The smell of blood …could it be, the smell from when I drained the blood As expected of the wolf tribe, what a nose. 

However, Im troubled.

How will I be able to deceive him.

He would know just by looking that were not injured anywhere.

Then, how would I explain this smell of blood.

Should I tell them honestly that we hunted prey….

If I told my younger sister that we killed an animal, would she would feel bad for it and cry….

「Umm, Miu caught a rabbit.

And, it might be because I drained the blood from it.」

I said this, and pretending to take it out from the wooden rack, I took a rabbit out of my Item Box.

TN: from this, it should be more of a woven basket that you could carry on your back rather than a wooden rack that you put things on, but the author keeps it as awooden rack, so I will keep it as is.

Perhaps they tied a basket onto the rack

My younger sister, who I thought would cry when she saw the rabbit, 

「Ya~y! Its meat~.」

was happy.

Ilya-chan too

「Miu, good job.」

was in a good mood.

「Draining the blood, huh.

You did well, Miu!!」

Cruz-kun praised Miu as well. 

Huh How strange, shouldnt they be crying,「the rabbit, how pitiful~」

Ehh This was seen as food

Onii-chan doesnt understand.

Ilya-chan didnt have a problem with hunting rabbits either!

Im still unaccustomed to this world….

I left the three people who were praising Miu behind and took the rabbit to Director-sensei.

And, Director-sensei too

「Well done, Miu.」

praised Miu, and Char-chan 

「Thank you very much!! With this, the meal will be a bit more fancy.」

was delighted.


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