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Naturally, we couldn’t go on an adventure every day, so today was the day to devote ourselves to production work.

First, Char-chan’s place.

Here, they were doing various research on seafood.

In this town, it was either freshwater fish or dried fish that were eaten, therefore, they were cooking enthusiastically.

Of course, the children who were sampling them were as pleased as could be.

However, even if we served seafood from the sea at the food stall, I would be uneasy, not knowing if it would do well.

Though something like a mellow fish soup might be perfect for the elderly who went to Rin-chan’s place, when I thought about the time period when I wouldn’t be there, it might be difficult.

Let’s challenge ourselves to see if we could somehow freeze the fish.

The cooking group was compounding spices that went well with seafood, so I was also able to get some of that.

However, there was, as expected, no time for dried meat, so it was still not yet possible.

Continuing on was the woodworking group.

I took out the wood that I had put into my Item Box and used magic to rapidly dehydrate them.

After doing this repeatedly, I had gotten somewhat used to it, so work went smoothly.

Finishing that, the woodworking group put away the processed wood.

「Shuu, put this away too.」

Having been told this by the woodworking group, I went to take a look and it was a simple henhouse.

「You built a house in the harbor city, right It’s been a while, so I practiced with this.」

Certainly, they’ve been making accessories recently.

In addition, the number of Seacats had increased, so this was perfect.

「If you have the time, then make other huts.」

It seems that the woodworking group were enthusiastic.

I could put the huts into my Item Box, so it wasn’t a problem, but I’d like them to be careful not to use up too much wood.

Next was the adventurer group and the Kolbolds’ place.

I asked them to dismantle the monsters that we hunted.

The dismantled items consisted of meat, skin, claws, fangs, and internal organs, but after that, they were transported to the cooking group, the needlework group, the blacksmith group, and the pharmacy group to be processed.

The things that were not used and the leftovers were put into my Item Box, and I exchanged them with new monsters.

「Aah, really, you brought too much!」


When I lined up the monsters that had yet to be dismantled, the children complained.

The Kolbolds were similarly unhappy, or rather, they looked exhausted.

However, please wait.

The ones who were hunting were Queen and Cruz-kun, so please complain to them.

「Cruz is not, but isn’t Queen your familiar Then it’s your responsibility!」

It’s the responsibility of the owner, huh….

This was the feeling of being at a loss for words, huh….

I left behind a large amount of monsters and hurriedly ran away from this place. 

Arriving at the pharmacist group’s place, the containers for the potions were piled high.

I had asked them to make potions, but there were not enough potion containers, so they asked to see if anything could be done about that.

And so, I asked the merchant group and discussed with them to see if they could procure some from the Commerce Guild.

The result was, as one could see, it seems that they prepared a large amount of them.

The people at the guild were probably taking care of us who regularly sold potions to them wholesale.

The adventurer group also said that they would stock up on them in the neighboring town while they were working as escorts, so if we were careful when storing them, then it wouldn’t be a problem no matter how many we had, so let’s buy them in large quantities.

「Fue fue fue」

Speaking of pharmacists, I also went to visit the alchemist obaa-san for the first time in a while.

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan, who came with me, were surprised by the usual suspicious smells.

I came here to give her medicinal herbs as a present.

Honestly, they were just materials from Dragon Forest and there were no problems with them, but there might be something that I wanted, so I had the ulterior motive of connecting it to business.

Depending on the situation, I hoped to be able to sell the medicinal herbs from the hidden village, the beastmen district, and the peddler’s village.

「Oh, this medicinal herb, huh….

Then next time, bring some here.

Lately, I haven’t been able to stock up on them around here, you see.」

The medicinal herbs were not that valuable, but the merchants who came to this town bought them all up and it seems that there was a shortage of stock.

The adventurer group was selling medicinal herbs that were used to make potions, so it seems that there were no problems, but I was told that they saved them because they could be used to make detoxifying and anti-paralysis potions.

The price was not a lot, but it was good that they could be sold.

Just as we were leaving, I was told to sell them to the pharmacy oji-san as well and I visited him on the way back, but he was also delighted, so next time, let’s stock up more.


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