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Arriving at the orphanage (the proposed location), we immediately started unloading the cargo.

The children from the harbor city helped us as well, helping us carry the lumber that was stacked up on the wolf cart and taken out from my『Item Box』, and the merchant group took out the potions, food, and daily necessities from their magic bags and sorted them out. 

「Shuu, if you’re free, then put these away!」

Called by the child who remained in the harbor city, when I went to take a look, and there was a considerable amount of dried fish and alcohol piled up.

Of course, it wasn’t just left there, because they had taken them out from the magic bags that I gave them when I came in order to transfer everything into my『Item Box』.

The alcohol, depending on which ones, may be fermented, but for things like dried fish, it couldn’t be eaten if they were left for too long.

「Even so, there’s quite a lot.」

「There’s a lot of fi~sh.」

「Lots of alcohol too….」

My younger sister and Saluya-chan, who came with me, were surprised as well.

「Yeah, it seems that the business in the imperial capital is going smoothly and the reserved alcohol is selling well.

In addition, the children here are also doing their best, so they were able to produce a lot of dried fish.」

It seems that the merchant group who remained at the harbor city went to the imperial capital, with the adventurer group as their escorts, two times.

Thanks to the merchants there selling the materials, the number of customers increased and they were able to buy various things.

However, they did not know what was selling, and what they needed, so they only bought alcohol.

Perhaps the only thing I could do was try going to the imperial capital once

Putting away the package, we returned to the previous place, where a materials storehouse was being built for the carpentry group.

The lumber that we brought over couldn’t get wet, so firstly, they constructed something simple, and after building a house, they would build the warehouse properly. 

The other children split into groups and set up the tents.

I expected it, but during the time when we returned to Frey Town, the number of children increased, so I needed to get some beds.

I had a few huts in my Item Box, so let’s take those out as well.



After arriving at the harbor city, Queen and the others, who took the wolves who knew where, had returned.

Queen and the wolf cubs were full of energy, but the other wolves were in low spirits.

Queen told me to follow her, so when I went with her to the rocky area, I saw Rock Crabs piled up into a mountain.

I see, the wolves were not able to find the Rock Crabs, so they were depressed, huh.


「There’s a lot….」

Both my younger sister and Sakuya-chan were happy with the crabs.

Obaa-san was a little surprised.

I put half of them into my Item Box, and I asked the fishermen to help me carry the rest.

Of course, I shared some with them, or rather, I planned on eating the crabs with them at night, so the fishermen happily helped me.

The next day, we wandered around the harbor city.

Previously, we didn’t really get to finish going around the city, so this time, I wanted to buy various things.

「Lots of fis~h.」

「They all look delicious.」

「Obaa-chan, which ones are we buying…」

First, the main street market.

There were a lot of stalls lined up and the voices of the energetic hawkers could be heard everywhere.

The only ones who came to go shopping was my younger sister, Sakuya-chan, and I along with Obaa-san, so many people from the stalls called out to us.

I wanted Queen to come with us as our escort, but Obaa-san said that it would be alright since she’d be there with us today, so that was the end of that.

If Queen was here, there might’ve been a small disturbance.

Every now and then, we bought the recommended goods and rare items from the stalls and after that, we visited the fabric store, the grocery store, the general store, the alchemy shop, the pharmacy, and shops that we didn’t go to with Ojii-san and purchased various things.

We bought various things, but when we asked the employee, it seems that most of the cargo that came by ship was transported to the imperial capital, so the selection there was better.

It seems that if you raised your status as a merchant, you could buy it here as well, but currently, that had nothing to do with us, huh….

My younger sister and the others had already bought a lot of things, but they did not go home even when the sun set.

I felt that no matter when, or rather, even in a different world, women going shopping would take a long time.


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