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Happy Wednesday!

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Hopefully, things will get better.

It had been over a month since my first successful hunt.

During that time, there had been various changes.

First of all, the people going to Dragon Forest. 

Before, it was just Miu and I, but now, were going there together with my younger sister, Ilya-chan, Cruz-kun, as well as Pii-chan.

Originally, it was going to be my younger sister and Pii-chan, but there were medicinal herbs, mushrooms, potatoes, firewood, fruits, rabbit meat, and the like. 

It was impossible for two people to carry this amount of stuff.

We had to increase the manpower because of this, but the older kids couldnt come with us because they had jobs in town, so Ilya-chan and Cruz-kun had been chosen to come with us.

These two were a beastman and a beastkin, so their physical ability was higher than their age group.

Also, there was a lot of dicrimination towards those who were not of the human race in this country and it was hard to find work.

Because of this, it was highly likely for them to become adventurers when they grew up, so this was also a dry run for them.

Incidentally, there was no less discrimination in this town, but due to Director-senseis influence, they werent treated any different in the shops that we had a friendly relationship with. 

The yield had increased as well.

To put it simply, thanks to the number of helping hands having increased by four plus my younger sister and Cruz-kuns sense of smell, it became easier to search for things.

But on the other hand, we had to go around to a number of places so that we wouldnt take too much in each location, so there wasnt much difference in how long it took when compared to before.

Hunting went really well too.

It was just Miu and I who went hunting.

In the meantime, the others went into hiding.

Each time, we hunted two rabbits, and Pii-chan took down a bird all by itself.

ly, Pii-chan hunted a bird that was a Little Eagle just like itself, but at that time, everyone was pleased with having meat.

So, they didnt know the differences between Pii-chan and other birds….

Recently, we would also catch deer once in a while.

Pii-chan searched for them in the sky.

Deer were usually in a herd, so it was difficult to hunt just one of them.

Also, deer were big, so without Cruz-kun, I wouldnt be able to openly bring it back.

For rabbits and birds, it was more likely for us to put them in soups to make soup stock, but for deer, you could eat 『meat』by grilling the innards and the deer meat, so they were extremely popular with everyone at the orphanage!!

Cruz-kun now had the knife that Director-sensei had previously entrusted to me.

And, Cruz-kun was going to drain the blood from now on as well.

I was still unaccustomed to it, so it was a great help. 

Incidentally, Pii-chan, Miu, and the three beast children were now at level 5.

For some reason, I was still at level 1.

The members going to Dragon Forest were fixed at four people and two animals, there was a steady harvest, we were also able to save up a bit of money, and as such days passed, I turned five years old. 

Everyone was at level 9.

It had been close to a year and the levels had not risen, so was there a level cap at 10

And we bought a short sword for Cruz-kun and a small bow for Ilya-chan with the money we had gradually saved.

Recently, we hunted big game, a wild boar, and sold it in town at  high price.

Several older children reached adulthood (15 years old), left the orphanage, and were working. 

However, there were increasingly more children coming into the orphanage, and we were now close to fifty people.

We requested the town to increase the subsidies and renovate the building, but we did not receive a good response.

The lord of this town was Director-senseis acquaintance, and it seems that it was also the lord who built this orphanage.

It seems that he had also given us various benefits, but he had been bedridden with an illness these past few years.

Because of this, his son was working on his behalf, but the towns public order had worsened, and during the meetings with government officials, the topic of discontinuing the orphanages aid had come up as well. 

I was starting to get a little anxious.


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