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We rushed to save Miu who sank into the sea, but a「Kyuu!」suddenly sounded, coming from the waters.

It seems that she was alright.

We gave a sigh of relief.

The bunnies went to Miu’s side and right after talking about something, Miu swam over towards us. 

「Miu, are you alright」


Arriving at the beach, Miu shook her body, making the water fly everywhere, and gave an energetic cry. 

When I asked her about her running on the sea just now, it seemed that it was not a skill and she did it using her own strength.

It seems that she got a hint from the rabbit clan adventurers when they taught her how to run just now.

And when I confirmed with her about the bunnies’ matter, it seems that they were just riding on the baby turtles.

They said that they got along well together, so they went on a walk().

「Woof!」 「「「Woof!」」」

Immediately after solving the mystery of the bunnies, Queen and the others started running towards the sea.

As I was watching them while wondering what they were doing, they jumped into the sea.

However, Queen and the others became soaking wet and they immediately returned, dispirited. 

「Queen, what are you doing」

When I asked Queen,


which was her response.

It seems that she was burning with a sense of competitiveness towards Miu who ran on the sea and resolutely attempted it, but she failed.

I asked Miu and even used『Appraisal』to check on her, but it was not a skill, so I don’t know if Queen and the others would be able to do it.

「Onii-chan, I want to do it too!」

My younger sister had run over before I knew it and said that she wanted to attempt it herself as well.

The baby turtles were swimming as well, and from what the fishermen said, it seems that no monsters would appear around this area, so it would be alright to go into the water, but it would be a little troublesome to go in with the clothes that they’re wearing.

「Fufufu, Shuu, we thought that something like this would happen, so we have something good!」

Overhearing my younger sister’s and my conversation, the girls from the merchant group took out something.

It was a『swimsuit』.

「This is underwater equipment that we bought in the imperial capital! We will be in the harbor city, so this would be essential, right」

They certainly would be necessary, but the swimsuit that they bought was more for appearances rather than functionality.

Or rather, didn’t they sell them in the harbor city as well

「By the way, this is for the girls and the ones for boys are the ones that I bought here!」

And, what they took out was a tight, full-bodied swimsuit().

Certainly, it would be difficult for the girls to wear this.

In spite of its appearance, it seems that its performance was good as well, so at that time, I agreed with them, but it couldn’t be helped that I fainted when I asked them about the price of the swimsuits, which they did not tell me when we were in the horse carriage.

If I had that much money, I would probably be able to buy a few mythril weapons….

「Then, if you change into those, you can go into the water.」

Saying that, the girls, not just my younger sister, all went to go change into their swimsuits.

As expected, I was afraid that something would happen if it were just the girls, so I asked the children from the adventurer group to go with them to the sea.

Naturally, the tight, full-bodied swimsuits were unpleasant, so they wore pants while being shirtless on top.

Just as the merchant group said, we needed to have the needlework group make swimsuits.

Maa, the fishermen didn’t wear things like swimsuits, so the boys might not need them though.

「Sakuya-chan, let’s go!」

My younger sister, who got changed immediately, took the flustered Sakuya-chan with her and they rushed out.

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan were properly wearing their swimsuits and were running energetically, but did they do the warming-up exercises


In no time at all, my younger sister rushed into the water.

「So col-d!」

After that, my younger sister led Sakuya-chan by the hand, charged into the water once again, and they were playing around.

In the beginning, I was worried that a monster would appear, but it seems that the Seacats, the baby turtles, and the bunnies were always on guard and not many would approach this area.

Currently, Queen and the others were also practicing running on the water while staying vigilant, so I was relieved. 


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