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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

We moved closer as we each relied on our own senses.

Peeking out from the tree closest to the target, we saw a bloodstained wolf.

This wolf was lying down to hide its cubs.

Perhaps it was protecting its cubs.

When I used mana detection as I watched them, there were three small responses.

And, the response that seemed to disappear at any given time should be the parent wolf.

「Onii-chan!! The wolf is!!」

「Leave it to me.」

My younger sister called out to me and I decided to get closer so that I could give it medical treatment.

「「「Woof!! Woof!! Woof!! Woof!!」」」

When I did so, in order to protect their parent, the cubs stood in front of me and barked at me.

「Everyone, hold down the cubs!!」

I asked the three people behind me to keep the cubs away.

「I dont know whats going on, but leave it to us!!」



The three people broke into a run, and each of them held onto one cub.

Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan didnt encounter any problems, but it seems that my younger sister was not as strong as them.

I rushed over to the wolf.

It had lost consciousness and was gasping for breath.

I hurriedly poured my mana into the wolf.

Concentrating my mana on its demon nucleus (core), I circulated my mana throughout its body as I imagined its wounds closing.

Fortunately, this was Dragon Forest, and mana was dense here, so I could use as much of it as I needed.

I felt the mana flow through its wounds, and it didnt seem as if there were any foreign substances in them. 

Instead, I discovered large wounds in a number of places.

I poured in a large amount of mana in those places, and quickly yet carefully drew up the image of the wounds healing in my mind.

I wonder how much time had passed.

Was it 30 minutes, an hour, or had it just been 10 minutes…, I was too focused on the wolfs medical treatment and my sense of time had become strange.

There was now a lot of mana in its demon nucleus (core), and its breathing had stabilized as well.

It seems its injuries had been healed as well.

I stopped pouring my mana into it and stepped away from the wolf.

Seeing me do that, the three people put the cubs down onto the ground and the cubs all ran towards the wolf.

The cubs were probably worried as well.

They were sniffing at the wolf as they encircled it.

Perhaps they realized that there was no bloody smell and that the wolfs breathing had calmed down, as they snuggled up to their parent and fell asleep.

The cubs were probably feeling uneasy because of the wolfs life-threatening injuries. 

After confirming that the wolves had fallen asleep, everyone gathered around me.

「For now, this should be fine, right Rather, you could use recovery magic!」

「I cant!! The magic I used just now should be different from recovery magic.

Besides, its only effective on monsters.」

「Really But the injuries seem to have healed just fine though」

「I havent learned any magic in the first place, so Im just doing it blindly….」

「Aah, is that so.

Theres no way for orphans like us to be able to learn something as great as magic, huh.

So, it only works on monsters」

「I had only tested it out on monsters in the first place, and probably because the medical treatment is pouring mana into the demon nucleus (core).」

「Then, this time, lets tell Director-sensei and try using it on the other children!! Since every day, we get scratches and cuts everywhere.」

「Un, Ill try it.」

After that, we couldnt go somewhere else since the wolf was here, so we just harvested in the surrounding area, and the two animals and I went to go hunt.

We had gotten some good results regarding the rabbits, deer, and birds and when we returned, Cruz-kun told me that the wolf was going to wake up soon, so we waited in a place further away for it to wake up.


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