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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The excitement from hunting big game cooled off and I suddenly thought of something.

This, how do I bring it back

No, it was easy to do so.

Since I can put it into my Item Box.

the problem was not that.

If we dismantled such a big Fanged Boar at the orphanage, we would be discovered by the neighbors.

If that happened, we would be asked about where we obtained it.

However, even if we said that we hunted it, we would be asked about who hunted it and how they brought it back.  

If we said that we bought the Fanged Boar, we would be questioned as to where that money came from.

Were we checkmated

Maa, the next time I come with Cruz-kun and the others, if everyone carried it, then we could say that everyone hunted it.

If I cant take it with us, then for now, Ill leave it in my Item Box….

Also, because the enemy was quite strong, Pii-chan and Miu had reached the level 10 cap.

And, my level had also risen to level 2!!

It had not risen up until now, so I was deeply moved.

Maa, I did not actually feel anything when my level rose though.

Unfortunately, Queens level stayed the same.

It was because her level was high.

The two people whose level rose learned a skill as well.

Pii-chan learned Enemy Search.

Miu learned Thrust.

It was something the two of them usually do, but by acquiring the skill, it would be supplemented and strengthened.

For Enemy Search, the range was extended and it became easier to detect something.

As for Thrust, its power probably went up.

Incidentally, once you have every magic skill, you could stably use them.

While I was draining the Fanged Boars blood, I called Pii-chan back and told them what we were going to do afterwards as we rested.

I was the only one talking though….

「For now, we will continue to hunt, and target birds, rabbits, deer, and wild boar.

We can hunt Fanged Boars, but dealing with it is troublesome, so lets take it easy!」

It seems that my familiars agreed with me. 

「Come to think of it, Pii-chan, Queen, what kind of meat do you like」


「Hmmm, Pii-chan likes rabbits and Queen does as well, huh」


「I know! Miu likes medicinal herbs, right! The ones thats filled with mana.」


「If the two of you like rabbits, lets focus on hunting them!! Theres not enough, so we need to catch some.」

I put the Fanged Boar that I had finished draining the blood from into my Item Box, and we searched for a place that could be our next starting point.

Luckily, we found a fruit tree, and after taking a short break, we resumed the hunt.

I asked Pii-chan to hunt birds and search for enemies.

I wanted it to find a herd of deer or wild boar. 

Miu, Queen, and I went hunting for rabbits.

If Pii-chan contacted me, we would head over.

We repeated this several times and now, todays hunt was over. 

Todays results were:

10 birds

7 rabbits

5 deer

2 wild boar

5 Horned Rabbits

1 Fanged Boar

We hunted quite a number of them in one day.

Pii-chan and Miu had put in a lot of effort.

As soon as they hit level 10, their movements had become much better, incomparable to before.

As expected, it was difficult getting to level 10 and there were probably great benefits as well.

Midway, we found a pack of wolves, but wolves attacked in a pack, and they were dangerous, so we avoided them.

I saved a few rabbits and birds as well as a deer and put the rest into my Item Box.

I planned on carrying these back to show others what I had hunted. 

I put the deer on Queens back.

When I told her that I could take it out of the Item Box when people were around if its heavy, I was told that it was fine, so I tied it to her back. 

We finished our hunt and returned to town.

The gatekeeping soldier at the towns gate was surprised by the outcome of our hunt, but we were able to safely enter the town.

Now then, lets return to the orphanage!!


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