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Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!

As a present from me, I will be posting 5 chapters of Kojiin Tamer.

This year hasnt been the greatest and we all need more things to be happy about.

And so, I hope these chapters will give you another thing to be happy about on this day.


After that, Obaa-san joined us and the three of us chatted.

 Perhaps it was because Obaa-san was here, but Sakuya-chan was not as nervous and was speaking smoothly. 

And, we spoke about our own circumstances, to a certain extent.

Regarding the nearby adventurer town. 

Regarding my living in an orphanage.

Regarding how I periodically come to hunt and harvest, because the orphanage was poor.

And, regarding why Im a tamer.

I was also able to hear about various things regarding Sakuya-chan and the other wind dragons.

Because they were dragons that governed over the wind, it seems that Ojii-san had always liked going on journeys. 

And, it seems that he returned to the dragons village, but thought it was boring, so they left and started living here.

It seems that, Sakuya-chan had been shy, even when she had been in the village, and had been bullied by the other children.

So, Ojii-san and Obaa-san took Sakuya-chan away from the village.

Incidentally, Sakuya-chans parents were in good health.

It seems that Ojii-sans magic created an illusionary barrier that repelled both people and monsters, and concealed what was on the inside.

While we were, to some extent, exchanging information, Queens bark could be heard coming from outside.

They have probably returned from hunting with Ojii-san.

The three of us went outside to meet them.

What we saw was Ojii-san taking a huge pile of monsters out from a place that was similar to an Item Box.

It wasnt just wild boar-type monsters like the Fanged Boar, there were deer-types, bear-types, reptilian-types like snakes, and there were also monsters that looked like frogs, so maybe amphibian-types as well 

Adding onto that, there were also huge bird-type monsters as well. 

On top of all that, he even took out a wyvern. 

Wyverns were, if I remember correctly, lower class dragons, so werent they from the same race!

「Me, my, you caught a lot of them today~.」

「Umu, the familiars came with me too, and its the boys present, so we were in high spirits!!」

「Eeh! Youre giving this to me!」

「Aah, I said that I would go for you, didnt I.」

「No, no, no, were not able to hunt such high-ranking monsters by ourselves, so we cant bring it back.」

「Is that so Then, you can just dismantle it and then bring back the meat!! And you can put the other materials in your Item Box and hide it.」

「No, no, I cant dismantle such high-ranking monsters….」

「What, you keep saying that you cant do this and cant do that since a while ago.

It cant be helped, Ill teach you how to dismantle them!」

「Ehh You can dismantle them」

「Aah, when I used to go on journeys, I learned various things from humans.

I did blacksmithing and carpentry work, and I pretended to be an adventurer too, you know」

「Ojii-san gets bored easily, so he learned various things….」

「Baa-san too, you tried your hand at compounding and alchemy, didnt you!!」

「My, my.」

Um, like husband, like wife

「Maa, its fine.

Boy, were going to dismantle them! Sakuya, are you coming with us too」

「…u, un.」

「Is that so!! Then, why dont we go over there.」

And so, we arrived at a stream that somehow existed within the barrier.

It seems that its connected to the river, but its buried underground except for when its inside the barrier.

Was it because this place would be discovered if a tributary that originated from the river was created

I tried to start dismantling, but it seems that they did not drain the blood, so I decided to do so before the dismantling, but the monsters were all big game, so it was considerably troublesome.

Rather, for something like a wyvern, how do you drain its blood

「For now, why dont you start with what you can do.」

Ojii-san said that and when I started draining the Fanged Boars blood while it hung on the tree, he

「Ooh, I forgot to drain the blood, huh!!」

said this and started using magic.

When he did so, blood gushed out from the monster and in the blink of an eye, he had finished draining the blood.

「Ill do others too, so you can start dismantling the Fanged Boar.」

Having been told that, I began the dismantling.


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