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Happy Monday and Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a great 2021.

Heres the first chapter of the year, enjoy.

I told Director-sensei that Ojii-san and the others will come the day after tomorrow, and that they might stay for the night.

In preparation for when they stay, Char-chan enthusiastically did her best in cooking the food to show her gratitude. 

The person that gave them meat was coming, so the children also did their best in cleaning the orphanage.

And, on the day when Ojii-san and the others were coming, I went to Dragon Forest to pick them up.

As expected, or rather, how should I say this, the sight I saw when I arrived was not surprising to me.

Monsters were piled up into a mountain.

「Ojii-san, this, what is it」

「Cant you see Theyre monsters that were going to bring to town.」

「I said it, didnt I I told you to not hunt anything strange….」

「What are you talking about, whats strange.

For humans, these guys are high-ranked monsters and should sell for a lot of money, you know」

Certainly, I could tell that they were strong just by looking at them, and moreover, theyre all humongous.

In the end, he had hunted wyverns again. 

「Un, they could probably be sold for a lot.

So, how are you going to bring it over」

「Thats, with the cart…ah.」

「Un, theres no way to load them in.」

「Th, then, if we put them away using space magic….」

「It seems that there is barely anyone who can use such magic, you know If you did something like that, youll stand out quite a bit」

「Gu, gununu….」

「Come on, give it up and lets load the others.

The Big Boar, Big Horned Deer, and the Murder Grizzly that youve caught before are sufficient, arent they.」

「But, humans wouldnt be astonished by monsters of such standard, right!」

「…why do you want to make humans astonished」

「If you can defeat high-ranked monsters, humans would show their gratitude, and Sakuya, who sees that, would think that Ojii-chan is amazing….」

「That wouldnt happen!!」

Truly, this Ojii-san was a foolish old man….

「For now, I will properly take out the ones in my Item Box.」

「My, my, sorry about Ojii-san doing such a foolish thing~.」

Saying that, Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan came out of the house.

「Ah, good morning.

As expected, Im used to it.」

「M, morning.」

「Morning, Sakuya-chan.」

Sakuya-chan was carrying a small backpack. 

「Is there anything you need help with」

「Are you ready for the trip」

「Yes, both Sakuya-chan and I are ready.」

「Then, can you tie this to the familiars」

I said this and gave them red scarves.

「My, my, is this the same ones as those on Queen-chan and the others」

「Yes, its a mark that indicates that theyre the orphanages familiars, and they need to have them on in town.」

「My, my, is that so Then, well put them on them.

Sakuya-chan, why dont we do it together」

「U, un.」

「Please do so.」

And so, Sakuya-chan and Obaa-san gathered the familiars in Dragon Forest.

「So, Ojii-san completed the preparations for the trip」

「Nn No, theres really no need.

If there was, I can just buy it.

In the first place, were going shopping, so we need to buy things in moderation as well.」

「If its the orphanage, we dont have that much money though~.」

「Certainly, if you had that kind of money, you wouldnt come here.」


Now then, I wonder if this much luggage is alright.

Queen, come here for a bit!!」

Finished taking out the luggage, I called Queen and the others, fastened them to the cart and confirmed if they could move it.

It seemed a little heavy, but I planned to put some in my Item Box as we traveled, so it should be fine.

As we finished checking it, both Obaa-san and Sakuya-chan came over, so the preparations for departure have been completed.

「Well then, were departing for the orphanage!!」

And so, Ojii-san, O-baa-san, Sakuya-chan, the familiars, and I all departed and headed towards the orphanage.



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