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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The trip, though I called it that, was just a few hours, but we took lots of breaks and rode on the cart in order to accommodate Sakuya-chan, who was going on an outing for the first time.

She was just a wind dragon, and even if she was small, it seems that her physical ability was higher than mine.

After we continued on tirelessly, Frey Towns gate could be seen.

I was happy that I returned, but it seems that Sakuya-chan was a bit nervous.

After coming to a place about 200 meters from the gate, several soldiers came out from the gate and stopped us.

「Oii, youre the boy from the orphanage, right」

「 Thats right, we met in the morning as well, didnt we」

「No, maa, that is the case though, then, are the monsters around you your familiars」

Come to think of it,  I forgot that the number of people was hugely different from this mornings.

「Um, they have recently become my familiars.

I had, more or less, put a red scarf on them, so please dont be mistaken.

Also, these people are the hunter ojii-san, who I have become acquainted with recently, and his family.」

「Became your familiars, you say, how many do you plan to have Are you going to start a street performance or something」

「I dont intend on doing that.

The hunter ojii-san was helping me investigate what kind of monster could be my familiar, so before I knew it, there were this many….」


though they are, more or less, familiars, they are monsters, so manage them properly, alright Then, who is this hunter ojii-san and the others」

「Um, he is a former adventurer, currently living near Dragon Forest, and I met him while I was hunting.

And then, he taught me various things about hunting.」

「Hes living near Dragon Forest! Jii-san, is that true」

「Umu, the three of us are living near the forest.」

Questioned by the soldier, Ojii-san answered him, full of confidence. 

「Living there.

Not! Its dangerous to live in such a place!! …I see, its dangerous, so the three people are moving to this town, right」

「Thats not it!! Today, were going to the orphanage.

He put a barrier around his house using a magic tool that he had obtained a long time ago too, so its safe.」

I hurriedly gave a fake answer before Ojii-san said something strange.

「Is that so If its safe, then thats good, but….

However, something like a barrier magic tool, you have such a high-class item」

「What, I happened to obtain it.」


Such a high-class item, if you sold it, you dont have to work again though.

So, what are you going to the orphanage for」

「Um, when I told Director-sensei that Ojii-san helped me with the hunting, she wanted to thank him, but its difficult for her to go to Dragon Forest, so we had Ojii-san and the others come.」

「Umu, since I had already wanted to go shopping as well.」

「I see.。」

「Come to think of it, why were we stopped at this place」

「Dont ask why!! We could see you, so we thought they were familiars, but if a group of monsters appeared, anyone would be vigilant!!」

Come to think of it, that was the case.

I had completely forgotten about it.

I thought it would be fine with the red scarf, but if there was a group of monsters, they would be surprised….

「Im sorry….」

「Ou, be careful next time!! Then, why dont we head towards the gate.」

And so, we walked to the gate with the soldiers.

「Now then, enough about the kid, does Jii-san and the others have identification papers」

「Umu, I have the Adventurer Guilds Guild ID, and Baa-san has the Commerce Guild one.」

Whats that! This was the first time Im hearing about this though!

The gatekeepers received the Guild IDs from Ojii-san and Obaa-san and verified them.

「Th, this is!」

「Whats wrong」

「This Jii-sans, no, Ojii-sans adventurer rank is Rank 3! Obaa-san too, her rank is the Silver Rank.」

「That, is that amazing」

「Aah, you do not understand the guild ranking yet, huh.

Putting it simply, they are both first-class individuals.」


「Gahaha, actually, Im amazing!!」

Maa, certainly, in a sense, he was amazing though….

「With your IDs, there is no need for you two to pay the town entrance fee.

The grandchild () over there will be exempt as well this time, so please go ahead.

And it seems that shes the boys friend.」

「Is it ok to do that」

「Aah, originally, we almost never take the town entrance fee from children.

Other towns will do so, so be careful, ok」

「Got it.

Thank you!!」

And so, Sakuya-chan was able to enter a human town, Frey Town, for the first time.


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