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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Alright, its decided.

was the preparations for departure.

Although I said that, the only things I needed to prepare was a wooden rack with shoulder straps and a water bottle….

TN: anyone interested in what the wooden rack is like, you can click here

Actually, I wanted a knife or something, but I didnt have many things as a three year old child.

The wooden rack was from the storage room, and I could create some with magic when the time came.

I had only prepared the wooden rack and the water bottle in order to hide the Item Box. 

There was no lunch.

Since the orphanage was poor.

It would be good if I could find something to eat in the forest.

However, I didnt think that the place I would go to for my first outing would not be the town, but Dragon Forest.

I wanted to see the town soon.

The morning of the next day, I ate breakfast and then departed.

It was a secret from the director-sensei and the others, so I left stealthily.

However, it was at that time when I was discovered by my younger sister….

It took more than ten minutes to get away from my sister.

Somehow, I felt like my motivation was killed.

Pulling myself together, I went to the storage room, put the wooden rack onto my back, filled the water bottle with water, and left!!

Let me explain the local relationships as I leave the orphanage and the town.

Because Frey Town was close to Dragon Forest, the towns profits were marginally higher.

In the heart of the city were, of course, people and was flourishing with many shops and inns, and the Adventurer Guild.

Conversely, there were many low-income families outside of town.

It seems that other towns would have slums and the public order would be bad, but this town somehow had the means to make money due to Dragon Forest, so the situation was not reduced to that.

The orphanage was included in that low income group as well.

The town was surrounded by a sturdy outer wall that was built using fencing and trees.

There were monsters, so thats a matter of course.

If it were a city or the royal capitol, then it would be a solid stone wall.

By all rights, one would leave the town through the gate at the entrance of the town, but it was a matter of course for them to not allow a three year old child out. 

However, it was fortunate that the outer wall was made from wood.

And I had found a hole that was small enough for a child to pass through in the outer wall near the orphanage.

Most likely, someone made it so that they didnt need to go through the gate. 

This time, I will use this.

It would be nice to be able to leave normally soon though….

As soon as I crawled out of the hole in the outer wall, I was out of the town.

There was a path leading to Dragon Forest, so it was best to walk along that road.

I didnt have a map either nor did I have any bearing, so I should follow it so that I didnt lose my way.

I used Magic Detection as I walked, and when I was practicing using detection, I noticed that there were several somethings approaching me from behind.

I hurriedly hid in the shade of a nearby boulder and manipulated my mana so that I wouldnt be found.

A little while after I hid, a carriage passed by.

It was most likely a carriage that regularly traveled to Dragon Forest.

It took an hour to walk there, so it wouldnt take as long to get there by carriage.

It seems that those who had extra money would head to the forest by carriage.

I did not have any money, so I would walk there, of course.

Maa, they probably wouldnt let a three year old child on though….

That was also the reason why I hid myself.

Since it would be extremely dangerous if such a child was walking by himself.

Thats why, I will travel cautiously so that I wouldnt be discovered by people, and the same goes for when Im in the forest. 

I wonder if its possible to create magic that turned you transparent~.

An hour and a half after leaving the orphanage, I arrived at Dragon Forest.

The carriage passed by me ten times, but they probably hadnt realized it. 

After taking a short break, I walked around the vicinity of Dragon Forest.

The path split off into several paths leading into Dragon Forest, and if I went along those paths, it would be relatively safe to travel deep into the forest.

Many adventurers used it, so most of the monsters nearby had been defeated, and the other monsters would not go near it.

However, things such as medicinal herbs and berries had already been picked and there were none remaining.

Besides, if there were a lot of people, the possibility of being discovered would be higher.

Thats why, I decided to enter the forest from a moderate distance away from the path. 


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