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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After finishing up a late lunch, we discussed our plans from here on out. 

We decided to first sell the monster materials that we brought. 

For this, Ojii-san, Queen and the wolf cart, and I will go.

My younger sister wanted to go as well, but I asked her to keep Sakuya-chan company.

There were only older kids in the orphanage, so it seems that she was also curious about Sakuya-chan who was about the same age as herself.

Sakuya-chan and Obaa-san will stay at the orphanage.

It seems that Obaa-san will stay with Director-sensei, and Sakuya-chan will play with the children.

They planned to stay at the orphanage today, so she wanted Sakuya-chan to quickly get along with the children.

We decided on what to do, so Ojii0san and I immediately headed to where the cart was.

On our way there, the wolves gathered when I called Queen, and we went over together.

We arrived at where the cart was, harnessed the wolves, and immediately departed toward the Adventurer Guild. 

Although the number of people and familiars had decreased on our way to the Adventurer Guild, we stood out.

Of course, it was because of the wolf cart.

Although tamers themselves were rare, usually, no one thought to have familiars pull carts. 

Though we were gaining attention, we arrived at the Adventurer Guild, and headed toward the stable that was behind the guild.

The guild had their own carriages and horses.

Still, it seems that adventurers had their personal ones as well.

Since there were requests from places that were far away from town, and escort requests to different towns.

Because of that, there was a stable near the Adventurer Guild.

We confirmed with the guild staff member who was near the stable, and we were allowed to leave the wolf cart there.

「Queen, sorry, but can you stay here, rather, can you guard this」


「Umu, were counting on you!!」

We asked Queen and the others to guard the cart, and Ojii-san and I entered the Adventurer Guild.

The guild was not that crowded.

It was still in the afternoon, and not yet night time, so the adventurers who were taking on requests hadnt returned. 

There not being a lot of people was just perfect, so we quickly headed towards the reception desk.

「Hello, what business do you have with us today …oh If I remember correctly, arent you the boy from the orphanage」

When we approached the reception desk, the receptionist onee-san immediately called out to us.

「Ah, yes, thats right.」

「Do you need something today」

「Um, today, its not me, but Ojii-san who has something to take care of.」

「My, is that so Im sorry.

Um, that was terribly impolite of me.

What business do you have with us today」

After onee-san apologized to me, she began to receive Ojii-san. 

「Umu, I wanted to have you buy monster materials.」

「Buy them Certainly.

Then, where are the materials」

「I put them in the cart thats in the back, but can I bring them here」

「A cart Lets see, how many are there」

「Fumu, we have mostly hides, so there should be a decent amount….」

「Well then, can I have you bring them to the place in the back where we purchase them」

「Got it.

Hey, were going, boy.」

「Un! Thank you, onee-san.」

I thanked the onee-san and headed to the rear of the guild with Ojii-san.

We arrived at the stable, and when we looked at the guild, there was an entrance right next to it, which was where they purchased materials.

It was nearby, probably so that it would be easier to unload things from carriages. 

Ojii-san and I carried the hides, horns, etc.

over from the cart.

「Oh, welcome.

Youve brought hide」

「Umu, its mostly boar hides.

Ill leave them to you.」

「Got it.

Oh, its not just Fanged Boars, there are higher grade boars as well.

Big Horned Deer, and even Murder Grizzly! Jii-san, you hunted them」

「Umu, I have experience from when I was younger.」

「Haa~, Jii-san seems to be a competent person.

Theyre in good condition too, and if its these, then theres no problem, well purchase them.」

He said that, and the purchasing oji-san began to confirm the materials.

「They were in good condition, how about this」

「Umu, no problem.」

「Alright, then, here is the payment.」

And so, Ojii-san obtained a large amount of money, the amount of which I, who was from a poor orphanage, had never seen before.


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