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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Having finished repairing the orphanage, Ojii-san and the others began their sword practice once again.

The ones who were participating in that were the boys who were confident in their stamina.

The ones who werent were taking care of the familiars. 

I began making something similar to wooden swords for those who were practicing.

What they were currently using were firewood and tree branches, so it did not seem easy to use.

Still, there was a reason why everyone was participating in the sword practice. 

Those at the orphanage who were over ten years old would go work in town, but recently, there were not a lot of jobs and the number of kids who couldnt work increased.

Originally, they found work through Director-senseis connections, but the employers couldnt hire new kids every single year.

The town itself was flourishing, and new shops were opened, but as expected, if there werent any connections, they couldnt work there, and it was especially hard for children of the orphanage.

Because of that, the children considered the possibility of becoming adventurers and were practicing.

The fact that the hunting and gathering that I was currently doing with Cruz-kun and the others was going smoothly might be why they wanted to be adventurers. 

According to what they say, the children of the orphanage either became adventurers or could only get a worthless job, so this orphanage was blessed.

Incidentally, the girls were watching Director-sensei and Obaa-san do needlework.

The ones over here too, if Obaa-san taught them alchemy or how to process leather, they would be grateful, but….

The dinner for that day was, as expected, not the special soup, but there was one more dish than usual, and Sakuya-chans favorite were the fruits that were served after the meal.

The boys were tired from the practice and at night, they quickly went to bed.

The girls were sewing until the『Illumination』magic timed out.

The next day, no one overslept and everyone woke up early.

While everyone was eating breakfast, they seemed lonely because today was the day when Ojii-san and the others returned home.

We have already finished eating breakfast, and it was not time for Ojii-san and the others to go home.

I loaded the wheat flour, spices, and the jars of alcohol into the wolf cart, and harnessed Queen and the others.

The boys were gathered around Ojii-san, and calling him master.

Before I knew it, they had developed a teacher and student relationship.

The girls were gathered around Obaa-san, and they were discussing how they would show each other their finished products the next time they met.

Sakuya-chan and my younger sister were hugging each other and crying.

「Sakuya-chan, lets play together again!!」


come to my house to play too!!」


Ill go with onii-chan!!」

What in the world were they talking about while they were hugging each other.

I had talked to Ojii-san, but he decided to come to this town about once a month.

The reason was to buy spices and alcohol, and because Sakuya-chan got along with my younger sister.

If, either one of them could not be patient, it would be a good idea for the hunting group to go to Ojii-sans house.

Ojii-san and the others had taken a liking to the children before I knew it and were reluctant when they left the orphanage.

We walked through the town, and arrived at the gate.

「Oh, Jii-san and the others, huh.

Youre going back already」

It was the soldier who I usually met.

Or rather, it seemed to be this soldier….

「Umu, we completed our shopping and we were also able to visit the orphanage.」

「I see.

Did the young lady have fun too」

「U, un….」

「I see, I see.

Jii-san and the others are going back to Dragon Forest, right」

「Thats right.」

「Outside of the forest should be fine, but be careful, ok」

「Umu, I got it.

Theres the barrier too.」

「Even so, be careful.

…alright, you can go.」

「Weve been in your care.

Well then, lets go.」

And then, we went through the simple formalities and left town.

On the way to the forest, it was time for lunch, so we ate Char-chans deluxe sandwich.

There was meat that we got from the forest and vegetables from the orphanages garden in it, and it was extremely delicious.

And then, after around the same amount of time it took to go to the town, we finally arrived at Ojii-san and the others home in Dragon Forest.


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