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Happy Wednesday!

Its a bit early, but have a Happy Lunar New Year!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Returning to the orphanage, I told my younger sister that she might be able to go see Sakuya-chan.

「I can see Sakuya-chan」

「Un, I confirmed it with Ojii-san, so if Director-sensei allows you to, you can go.」

「Ya~y!! Ill go ask Director-sensei!!」

My younger sister impatiently ran to where Director-sensei was.

I leisurely headed to where Director-sensei was.

There, my younger sister was talking with her with excitement.

Noticing that I came, 

「Going there, it wouldnt be inconvenient」

Director-sensei asked this.

「Its fine.」

I answered.

I talked about how theyll meet outside of the forest, how Ill start making the meeting place to practice my woodworking, how itll be fine to bring Cruz-kun and the others along as well.

I deceived them by saying that we couldnt meet at Ojii-sans house due to the magic tool.

「Wouldnt that be an inconvenience…」

「Sakuya-chan wanted to see her too, and for Ojii-san, it seems to be his hobby, so its fine.」

「Is that so Then, you can go.」


My younger sisters smile spread across her face.

I also told Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan about going to go visit Ojii-san and the others.

After harvesting day passed, the day when we would go to visit Ojii-san arrived.

We set aside plenty of fruits during the harvest as a present for Sakuya-chan.

My younger sister was in high spirits since she woke up.

Along with the usual harvesting members, we told the soldier who we always see that we were going to Ojii-sans place and departed.

We were going to a place that was not where we usually harvested things, so everyone advanced while being vigilant of our surroundings. 

Walking for a few hours, we arrived at the boulder of our destination.


My younger sister suddenly shouted this and quickly started to run.

Looking at the direction in which my younger sister was running towards, Ojii-san and the others were already coming over.

「I wanted to see you~.」

「Me too!!」

My younger sister ran up to Sakuya-chan, and they hugged each other with joy.

It seems that Sakuya-chan was happy as well.

Ojii-san and Obaa-san were looking at them with a smile on their faces.

「「「Good morning.」」」

「Youre late!!」

「My, my, welcome.」

We caught up with her and greeted Ojii-san and the others.

「Now then, its good that you came, but what are you going to do today」

「Master! Please train me today as well!!」

「Un Is that so, then why dont we do that.」

「Maybe Ill study some things with Obaa-san I need to go see those children as well.」

「Maa, maa, what should we do~.」

It seems that Cruz-kun will go with Ojii-san, and Ilya-chan with Obaa-san.

「Ojii-san, did you cut down the trees」

「Aah, I brought them.」

In the place where Ojii-san was pointing at, there were ten trees stacked up.

「Thank you very much.

Well then, Ill try various ways to process them.」

「You need help」

「I might need Cruz-kuns help in a little while」

「Got it.

Let me know when you need me!!」

「Un, thanks.」

And, what I needed to do now had been decided.

「Now then, before the dehydration experiments, I wonder if I should make a perch or something.」

I cleanly got rid of the tree branches.

Ojii-san left the trees as is after cutting them down, so the branches were still attached.

I removed the leaves on the branches, and tied the branches that seemed sturdy to form a cross shape.

After sticking several of them into the ground in the surrounding area, the perches for Pii-chan and the others were completed!!

There were a number of trees around, but there werent any nearby, and Pii-chan and the others seemed sad, so theyll be happy to have them.

I wonder if I should take some to the orphanage as well….


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