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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Cutting off the branches, I arranged each tree separately, and thought of a way to dehydrate them.

Firstly, lets start with the water magic that I came up with previously.

No good, even if there was moisture, it wasnt a liquid, so it couldnt be smoothly manipulated….

Then, lets try fire magic next.

This didnt work either.

I wanted to create the fire nearby and evaporate the moisture, but I singed it.

…at this rate, perhaps it would become charcoal

No, somehow, its burnt….

I hurriedly put out the fire and thought about it.

Come to think of it, a long time ago, I saw on TV that to make charcoal, trees were packed tightly together and burned in a kiln. 

Then, I used earth magic, manipulating the soil to envelop the trees, and filled in the gaps using the branches I cut off just now.

I created a chimney that surpassed the trees in height, and started a fire at the bottom using fire magic!!

Ooh~, white smoke floated out of the chimney.

So burning unseasoned wood was like this~.

After a while, there was no more white smoke.

They would catch fire if I burned it any more than this, so I revoked the fire magic. 

However, the fire had spread, so I closed up the kiln that was created using earth magic.

With this, the fire will soon go out.

Now then, leaving the charcoal production aside, I needed to think of a way to dehydrate the trees.

…if fire couldnt be used, then what about heat Would it evaporate the moisture like in a sauna…no, in the desert

I wrapped the tree in wind magic, created fire in a place further away, and transmitted the heat to the trees.

I expelled the moisture in the atmosphere while I was at it.

Unlike the trees, these were water molecules, so they were easily manipulated.

Or rather, using wind magic, fire magic, and water magic, three types of magic, at the same time was too difficult!!

After around thirty minutes, I revoked the magic and checked on the tree.

It seems that that somehow did the trick.


I called out to Ojii-san to confirm with him.

「Did it go well」

「I think so, but….」

「Let me see.」

Ojii-san said that and checked the dehydrated tree.

「Arent they fine If its like this, then they can be used.」

「Incredible, Shuu.

Rather, whats that mountain over there」

Training with Ojii-san…rather, Cruz-kun, who was messed around with by Ojii-san, pointed at the pseudo-kiln.

「Ah~, I tried making charcoal because I burned the trees when I attempted to dehydrate them.

I dont know how they turned out though.」

「Then, lets take a look!!」

Cruz-kun broke into a run and dug at the mountain of soil with his hands.


As soon as he started digging, perhaps it was because there was still residual heat, as Cruz-kun screamed.

「No, use magic to remove the soil.

Rather, your hand, is it ok」

「O, ou, it doesnt seem to be burned.」

I went to stand next to Cruz-kun, who was blowing on his hand, and moved the soil out of the way using earth magic.

Inside, there was a lot of pitch-black charcoal.

「Oh, they turned out well, didnt they!」

「Seems like it.

Wait a minute.」

Saying that, I used Air Cutter to try and cut through some of the trees,

「Un, the entire tree turned into charcoal.

It was a great success!!」

I roughly cut up the charcoal, and put them into my Item Box. 

「Then, I will dehydrate the other trees.」

「I will continue to train with Master!!」

「Before that, food.」

Having said that, certainly, I was hungry.

When I looked towards Obaa-san and the others, it seems that they had made lunch.

I took out the table and chairs that I made as practice from my Item Box, and helped with the lunch preparations.

They bought spices in town, so the soup was much more delicious than before. 


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