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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Finishing lunch, we returned to our respective tasks.

Dehydration of trees for me, and it seems that Ojii-san and Cruz-kun took Queen and the others to go hunting.

It seems that Obaa-san and the others were doing needlework.

I attempted to dehydrate them using the same method as before.

Thirty minutes later, the tree with the same level of dehydration as the previous one was ready.

, Ill try doing two of them at the same time.

The space had become larger, so I slightly strengthened the firepower, and forty minutes later, the dehydration was completed.

I wanted to do three at a time next, but as expected, if I increased the scale any more than this, it would require too much mana, so I continued with two trees.

It took me two hours, but I finished dehydrating the trees that had been prepared.

Around this time, Ojii-san and the others had also returned, and were dismantling the prey.

Watching them dismantle them, I noticed that they didnt draw any water even though they were near the river, and after calling out to Ojii-san, I headed towards the river to make a waterway with Queen and the others as escorts.

Im going to dig a ditch from the river to the location a bit further away where the construction of the hut had been planned.

I didnt know what to do about the inclination, but for now, Ill continue to dig.

Drawing near the hut, I dug a slightly large hole.

This was the place to store the water.

I did the same for the waterway as well, but I hardened the soil.

Later, should I also create an embankment to prevent floods

Finished digging the hole, I once again started digging a ditch towards the river downstream.

Arriving at the river, I slowly connected the ditch to the river, creating a waterway.

Some water flowed in, but it didnt seem to flow backwards.

I walked back along the waterway, building an embankment on the opposite side of the river along the way.

Passing by the reservoir and arriving upstream, we dug the soil using magic to connect the waterway to the river.

It was slow at first, but after a while, the water flowed vigorously.

It seems that the inclination wasnt a problem.

We created an embankment along the river while going upstream, and after a certain distance, we walked back towards the direction of the hut.

Truthfully, I wanted to continue doing it for a while longer, but there was no time, so lets give it up.

After arriving at the place planned for the hut construction, Cruz-kun and the others dismantling work was completed, and was placed there for me to put them away.

Those two people were training using the wooden swords that I made.

「Ojii-sa~n, I tried to draw the water to a place nearby.」

「Ooh, good work, then afterwards, I will check it to see if there are any problems.」



come to think of it, isnt about time for you to return」

「Come to think of it, that is the case.

Cruz-kun, I will put the trees away, so call Ilya-chan and the others!!」

「Leave it to me!!」

After saying that, Cruz-kun ran and called out towards the place where Obaa-san and the others were.

Queen and the others were following behind him.

「Ojii-san, thank you for today as well.」

「Dont worry about it.

Since we had fun as well.」

「Thank you very much.

Um, will we process the wood next」

「No, since the dehydration magic had gone so smoothly, lets prepare some trees to practice a little more.」

「Ah, yes.

Then, please take care of me.」

After talking with Ojii-san, Cruz-kun brought everyone back.

「I called everyone over!!」

「Cruz-kun, thanks.」

「Onii-chan, were going back already」

「Un, itll get dark when it gets late.

Lets come again.」


And so, everyone loaded the meat into the cart and turned it into a wolf cart after harnessing Queen and the others.

「Well then, well come again!!」

「Sakuya-chan, bye bye~.」

「Come again, ok~.」

We returned to the orphanage as we waved our hands towards Sakuya-chan.


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