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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After that, I checked the spears, bows, axes, and hammers, but I did not find any treasures among them.

Completing my search for treasures, I headed towards the place where Cruz-kun was.

Cruz-kun was staring at the sword that was in his hand.

「Oh, you came, huh!」

「Cruz-kun, are you going to get that」

The sword that Cruz-kun was holding onto was a double-edged longsword.

Unlike the other swords, it was glistening brilliantly. 

「Yeah, this is the most beautiful one, so it should be the best one!! Its also expensive.」

I used Appraisal on the sword in Cruz-kuns hands.

Oou, its a terribly blunt sword….

It seems that the iron that was used to make it was good, but both the quality and durability were low.

It seems to be a piece that emphasized appearance. 

It was probably an apprentice or a novice who made it.

If it was a veteran who used this material, they wouldve made something better than this.

「Cruz-kun, it would be better to give up on that Its probably ornamental.」


Just then, Ojii-san came over as well and spoke to Cruz-kun.

「You, chose such a blunt sword」

「Master too!」

「Boy, teach the wolf boy how to appraise weapons.」

「Ah, yes.

Cruz-kun, weapons are essentially used in combat, so lets choose something sturdy.

Also, the performance is important as well.

If its a sword, then perhaps it would be its sharpness or something.」

「I, I know that….」

「In addition, choose it based on the materials used to make it and its enchantments.

Maa, theres basically no weapons in this shop that has an enchantment though.

Lastly, it would be whether or not its easy for you yourself to use!!」

「A, aah, thats common sense.」

「Then, thats the most suitable weapon for Cruz-kun, right」

「O, ou!!」

Cruz-kun, look at me when you say that….

「Maa, all jokes aside, Cruz-kun, use what I just said as reference and pick one!!」

「G, got it!!」

Cruz-kun immediately began looking through the swords.

However, Cruz-kun didnt have Appraisal, so he just chose several single-edged and double-edged longswords that he felt were suitable for him based on their weight and grip. 

「O~i, Shuu, I think these ones are good, what about you」

「Lets see~, just now, you only chose them based on their grip and weight」

「Aah, to be honest, I cant really tell if a sword is good or bad….」

「Isnt it fine since its your first time After that, check the materials that were used, and as for its performance, we would only learn to choose a good one based on experience, right」

「Is that so Then, um, its entirely made from iron.

There seems to be no difference in prices, and isnt there almost no difference in the materials used to make them The performance…this one seems good」

What Cruz-kun chose was the longsword that seemed the sharpest. 

「Un, I think that should be the sword that cuts the best!!」

「Really! Then lets go with this one!!」

「Ah~, no, why dont we take this one」

I said that, and pushed out the double-edged longsword.

「Nn Why This one has the best performance, right」

「Un, it is the sharpest one, but its not made well, so its durability is low.

Conversely, this sword is not very sharp, but its made well, so it will last a long time as long as you dont do anything strange with it.

(And dont tell anyone this, but if its a sword like this, I could probably sharpen it to make it sharper.)」

「Is that so! Then, Ill take this!!」

「Ojii-san, check it too, just in case.」

And so, we checked with Ojii-san who was watching us from behind.

「Lets see, if its a sword of this rank, this one would be better if the boy maintained it.」

We received a pass from Ojii-san, so we purchased it at once.

We bought the longsword for Cruz-kun, the broken sword enchanted with『Increased Sharpness』, and the cursed knife. 

Cruz-kun equipped the longsword that we bought, and pretending to put the sword that he had been using up until now and the treasures that we bought into the wolf cart, I hid them in my Item Box. 

I didnt know if someone would be cursed, so I had to handle it with care.

And having finished our shopping, we decided to return to the orphanage. 


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