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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

When we returned to the orphanage, Ojii-san took the cloth to Sakuya-chan, running inside the house.

We headed towards the rear of the building, released Queen and the others from the wolf cart, and put the luggage inside my Item Box.

After that, I wanted to sharpen Cruz-kuns sword, but there was no scabbard, so I decided to make that first.

Cheap weapons did not come with scabbards, so you either bought a new one or used whatever youve been using all along, but I had asked Ojii-san how to make a simple scabbard, so Ill make one myself.

Incidentally, he had been using a cheap, second hand scabbard for the short sword.

Before making it, I used earth magic to make a stone sword that had the same weight and length as the sword that we bought and gave it to Cruz-kun.

「Cruz-kun, this stone sword is about the same weight and length as this sword, so practice with this one for now.」

「Ou, got it.

But, is it a bad thing to practice with the sword」

「Rather than say that its a bad thing, if its not with the original, it would be hard to make the scabbard.」

「Aah, is that so.

Then, Ill leave the scabbard to you!!」

Cruz-kun said that and ran to the courtyard.

And I made the arrangements with the sword, wood, and while Im at it, the sword and the knife that I bought.

Now then, why dont we start making the scabbard!! …as I was thinking that, several children came up to me.

「Hey, Shuu, are you going to start your woodworking work」

「Un, Im going to start making a scabbard for the sword that we bought, and after that, maybe Ill sharpen the sword.」

「That, is it ok for us to watch」

「I dont really mind, but why」

「Its nothing, just that we probably have no choice but to become adventurers, so were studying under Master, but we were thinking that we could work as a carpenter or a blacksmith if we learn the trade.

Besides, it might be important to know even for adventurers, right Thats why, we thought that we should learn as soon as possible.」

Certainly, the children who came here were those who were unsuited for work in the towns shops and were doing physical labor as day laborers, and those who were helping out around the orphanage.

Everyone was older than Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan, so they would be the first to become adventurers.

「Then, wouldnt it be better to try it yourself instead of watching We have this much material, and even if you make a mistake, we can just use it as firewood.

Ahh, but, you dont have any tools, so we either have to take turns or work together!」

「Got it.

For now, well try to do it by working together.」

And I gave the woodworking tools to them, and instructed them on how to make stuff, starting with the chairs for the orphanage.

There was a sample too, and if they were able to make a good one, then they could exchange them, so its killing two birds with one stone.

I gave them the tools, so I started using magic to make the scabbard.

Because I didnt have the tools, the detailed work also needed to be done using magic, and it seems that it had become quite the magic practice.

As I was doing my work, Ojii-san came out of the house with a dejected look on his face.

Maa, I had expected it, but I talked to Ojii-san, and not surprisingly, they had been delighted when he gave them the cloth, but it seems that he was driven out immediately.

As usual, Ojii-san was pitiful.

I told Ojii-san that the other children wanted to learn woodworking, and asked him to give them a simple explanation.

Ojii-san went to where the children were and explained the method of making the chairs to them.

Incidentally, I made one one time and failed, and it had already turned into firewood. 

After Ojii-san finished explaining, he got a wooden sword from me and then went to where Cruz-kun was.

I somehow made the scabbard, and having sharpened the swords, a days work was completed.


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