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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After that, we fought three goblins and one Fanged Boar and defeated them.

What I learned from the fight was, firstly, Ilya-chans accuracy rate was not good.

She had the archery skill, so if she practiced, her precision would probably improve, but right now, there was still room for improvement.

Also, in regards to attack power, my younger sisters stones were a matter of course and because Ilya-chans arrows were made from trees, although they hit the target, she wasnt able to defeat the goblins unless she shot multiple arrows, and the arrows definitely could not pierce into the hide of the boar and could only be used as a diversion.  

Because of that, it was decided that from now on, Ilya-chan would focus on diverting the enemys attention.

If they were iron arrows, or iron arrowheads, then it might be a little better.

After that, we continued to defeat the goblins and the Fanged Boar

In the middle, we had two goblins as our opponents at the same time, but the arrows and stones diversion was effective, and we were able to defeat them without any problems.  

Incidentally, the familiars were hunting and playing in the vicinity, and did not participate in our battle.

Some time had passed since the battle began, and when it was about time for us to return, Ojii-san brought over a new monster, an Orc.

「Alright, this is the last one for today!!」

「Ojii-san!! Is that an Orc」

「Thats right, their strength and intelligence are both higher than that of goblins, so be careful!!」

「No matter if its a goblin or an Orc, theres no problem!!」

Saying that, Cruz-kun approached the Orc.

Ilya-chan and my younger sister fired a preemptive strike with their arrows and stones.

However, even though the stones thrown at the Orc hit it, it didnt do anything, and the arrows were repelled as well.

「You two, if youre going to attack it, aim for the face!!」

「Got it!!」 「Aye!!」

I instructed the two people to aim for its face.

If its the face, then it would be effective if it pierced into its eyes or the mouth, and even if it didnt, it should be troublesome for it.

They aimed for the face, and the Orc started protecting its face with its arm.

And waving around the club in its hand, it ran towards us who were shooting arrows and stones at it.

Cruz-kun readied his shield and awaited the Orc.

The speed at which it waved the club around was not fast, so it was easy to defend against with the shield. 

However, it seems that we did not take the Orcs strength seriously.

As soon as Cruz-kun received the attack from the Orcs club that it brandished with his shield that he had readied well in advance, he was sent flying backwards. 


「Cruz-kun, are you ok!」

Cruz-kun was sent rolling backwards, and he stood up while shaking his head.

「Ah, ou, Im fine.

Rather, what incredible strength.」

「Seems like it.

Cruz-kun, dont take it on with your shield, focus on evading it!!」

「I know!!」

I shot pebbles at it using earth magic, and restrained the Orc in the pitfall.

Of course, Ilya-chan and my younger sister helped in restraining it.

Cruz-kun went to where the Orc was and began fighting it.

The Orc had the strength, but no skill, so Cruz-kun avoided the Orcs attacks while attacking it with his sword.

As one would expect, Cruz-kuns sword had not been repelled by the Orc and it had cut through its skin.

However, the wounds it received were shallow and it seems that it would be difficult to deal a fatal wound.

「Shuu!! Ill leave the finishing blow to you!!」


Just like how I usually defeat the boars, I created an Air Cutter with wind magic.

「Anytime youre ready!!」

I shouted this, and Cruz-kun cut the area around the Orcs Achilles tendon and backed away.

Perhaps it could not stand up after having been cut, as the Orc knelt down on one knee.


Cruz-kun and I shouted at the same time, and the wind magic was released.

The invisible blade of wind headed straight towards the Orcs neck, struck it, and passed through the Orc.


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