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Happy Wednesday!

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The subjugation of the Rainbow Caterpillars had gone smoothly.

Rather, I would even go so far as to say that it wouldve been difficult to fail.

The Rainbow Caterpillars were about the size of a puppy and they did not have sturdy bodies either, so running a sword through them was simple.

Their movements were slow as well, so there was no need to worry about them dodging and Cruz-kun and I took them down perfunctorily.

And, today, I also brought along the Poison Snake and Silver Squirrel who usually dont go hunting.

Because I was told by Ojii-san to bring them with us.

Certainly, if its the Rainbow Caterpillars, then even the two familiars would be able to defeat them.

Not surprisingly, the two of them each defeated a Rainbow Caterpillar.

My younger sister and Ilya-chan aimed their arrows and stones at the Magical Butterflies while being cautious of the Honey Bees.

As expected, the stones were not able to take them down with one hit, but if they were hit, they would fall from the sky, and the Silver Squirrel and Poison Snake would finish the fallen Magical Butterflies off.

We probably wouldnt get much experience, but it seemed to have become good practice for landing attacks while in motion.

After exterminating monsters for a while, Ojii-san, who had disappeared to go somewhere, returned.

「O~i, I found todays intended opponent!!」

Intended Todays objective was not the Rainbow Caterpillars and Magical Butterflies

「Were not defeating these two types for today」

「What youre going to take down are these two.

The purpose is to get new familiars.」

New familiars! Were there any good monsters around here

Bringing the hunt to an end, everyone followed Ojii-san.

I was going to ask Ojii-san what kind of monsters they were, but those monsters (・) were right there next to the field of flowers. 

「Ojii-san, turning into familiars, is it the Honey Bees」

「Not quite.

Its not the Honey Bees, but the Queen Honey Bee.」

「Queen Honey Bee」

Thats right, this was most likely the Honey Bee nest and there were many Honey Bees flying around.

And, I think it was probably Ojii-sans magic, but due to what seems to be a barrier, the Honey Bees were surrounding the nest.

And, inside the nest was the queen bee, the Queen Honey Bee.

「Thats right.

If Im not mistaken, the wolf at the boys place, only the parent is a familiar, right However, as days went by, the wolf cubs became familiars as well.」


「In other words, making the Queen Honey Bee a familiar…」

「…the Honey Bees will also become familiars…」

「Yes!! And, Honey Bees have a habit of collecting honey.」

「So youre saying that if Shuu turns the Queen Honey Bee into a familiar, we can get as much honey as we want!!」

「Thats right!!!」

「Honey, huh~, how nice~.」

「Eating honey.」

Everyone, including the female camp, were excited.

Even though the Queen Honey Bee was not yet a familiar….

「Umu, umu, everyones looking forward to it, huh!! Sakuya too would probably be happy about it!!」

…ah~, so thats your goal, huh.

Maa, even if I gave Sakuya-chan honey, the nest was big enough that there seemed to be enough for the orphanage, so it was highly anticipated.

For now, I was also in agreement with turning the Queen Honey Bee and the Honey Bees into familiars and obtaining honey, so why dont we attempt it at once!!

When I approached the Honey Bee nest, Ojii-san started using magic to put the Honey Bees within the barrier to sleep.

The sleeping Honey Bees fell to the ground.

When most of the Honey Bees that had been flying around fell, a Honey Bee that was noticeably larger, the Queen Honey Bee, appeared from within the nest.

Ojii-san entered the barrier, caught the Queen Honey Bee, and brought it to me.

I poured my mana into the demon nucleus (core) of the sleeping Queen Honey Bee, as I checked my own status.

Its not effective on high-ranked monsters, and if the Queen Honey Bee and the others were in a group, then Im not too sure, but individually, they were weak, so I should be able to turn it into a familiar.

After pouring in my mana for several minutes, [Familiar: Honey Bee] was displayed in my status and I was able to turn the Queen Honey Bee into my familiar without any problems.


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