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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

While I was turning the Queen Honey Bee into my familiar, the Honey Bees who had been collecting nectar from the flower field returned, but Ojii-san put them to sleep with magic and he threw them all into the barrier.

After the Queen Honey Bee became my familiar, Ojii-san used magic to wake it up from its sleep.

When he did that, it flew towards me, just like my familiars from before. 

「Um, can you understand what Im saying」

「(Nod Nod)」

When I talked to the Queen Honey Bee, it nodded.

It didnt make a sound, so right now, it was troublesome, but it should be able to use telepathy before long.

The other children communicated through their animal cries, and I was able to comprehend their meaning relatively quickly. 

「The people here are my companions, so can you tell the Honey Bees to not attack them」

「(Nod Nod)」

The Queen Honey Bee nodded and then headed towards the nest.

However, the Honey Bees around the nest were all sleeping and because they couldnt communicate, the Queen Honey Bee immediately returned.

「Aah, sorry, sorry.

If theyre sleeping, then you cant command them.

Ojii-san, can you wake up the Honey Bees in the barrier」

「Umu, Ill wake them up now.」

Ojii-san approached the barrier and using magic, started waking up the Honey Bees.

The awoken Honey Bees were angry about the fact that they had been put to sleep and moreover, the fact that the Queen Honey Bee was next to us, and threatened us.

「Well then, please try it once more.」

When I said that, the Queen Honey Bee once again flew towards the barrier.

Arriving at the barrier, it entered it and then stopped in front of the Honey Bees.

When it did that, the Honey Bees lined up neatly and then the Queen Honey Bee came back out of the barrier.

I did not know how it was able to communicate its intentions to the Honey Bees without making a sound, but it seems that the persuasion was a success. 

「Thank you.

Can you also tell the Honey Bees that are not here Ojii-san, it doesnt seem like we need the barrier anymore.」

「Got it.」

The Queen Honey Bee was happy that it was thanked, and Ojii-san released the barrier.

The Honey Bees did not attack, but they werent my familiars, so they were a little vigilant.

「Aah, thats right, sorry, but can you share some honey with us」

I recalled the reason why I turned the Queen Honey Bee into my familiar, and tried asking the Queen Honey Bee about it.

The Queen Honey Bee nodded and headed to the nest, turning its head back as if it was telling us to follow it.

Arriving at the nest, it told the nearby Honey Bees something, and then the Honey Bees went inside the nest.

I took out several jars from my Item Box.

A short time later, the Honey Bees came out, and then the honey came flowing out.

Flustered, I held the jar under the nest to catch the honey.

I obtained the honey for Sakuya-chan and the orphanage, and everyone happily thanked the Queen Honey Bee.

And, I discussed with Ojii-san about what to do with the Honey Bees.

「So, what should we do with the Honey Bees」

「For now, we should affix a barrier that repels people, and do we need one that repels monsters」

「Maintaining the status quo, is it」

「Maa, thats right.

I thought that if theres something going on, then we can move them near my house.

However, if we did that, then they would be a bit far away from the flower field.」

「But, if theyre near the house, then every day, the honey….」

「Hmmmm, theres such an advantage, huh…!!」

Ojii-san was caught up in his worries and in the end, he settled on affixing a barrier on the nest.

For now, we wrapped a red scarf around the Queen Honey Bee and then we returned to the location designated for the hut where Sakuya-chan was.


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