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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The attention of the Big Snake that Ojii-san brought over shifted from Ojii-san to us, and it was being cautious.

As usual, Cruz-kun stood in front with his shield, Ilya-chan and my younger sister split up, one on the left and one on the right, readying their arrows and stones.

I fell to the back, preparing my magic.

Snakes, reptiles were cold-blooded, so I was thinking of using ice magic.

TN: reptiles are cold-blooded animals and can not produce heat in their bodies

「Firstly, please use the arrows and stones for a preemptive strike!」

When I yelled that, Ilya-chans arrows, my younger sisters stones, and, my shards of ice flew towards the Big Snake.

TN: its actuallystone/pebble of ice, but I changed it to sound better

As expected, the arrows and stones didnt seem to have any effect, and did not do any damage.

Numerous shards of ice attacked the same place, so its movements had more or less dulled.

…it seems.

The Big Snake recognized us as its enemies and headed towards us as it slithered on the ground.

Cruz-kun readied his shield and lied in wait for the Big Snake.

I moved to a position that slightly deviated from the Big Snakes direction of approach.

During that time, Ilya-chan and my younger sister continued their attacks.

They didnt have any effect, but they probably earned experience.

The slithering snake was swift, which one couldnt tell from its large build, and it drew near Cruz-kun.

Learning from his experience fighting the Orc, Cruz-kun now attached importance in evading rather than receiving the attack with his shield, no matter the enemy.

Cruz-kun just barely dodged the approaching snake, and he slashed at it with his sword.

As expected, perhaps the snakes scales were hard, as it remained uninjured.

It seems that it had received a slight impact though….

「Cruz, look out!!」

Ilya-chan shouted at Cruz-kun who evaded the snake and struck a blow.

Just as I was wondering what was going on, the snakes tail attacked Cruz-kun.

Cruz-kun put up his shield at a hairs breadth, and he was sent flying when the tail hit it.

I flusteredly used earth magic to create a pitfall, but the snake immediately crawled out of it.

Ilya-chan and my younger sister gave backup support, but it wasnt really effective and the snake approached me.

After that, I used water magic to create water balls and threw them at the snake.

Of course, it was just water, so it didnt do any damage, but I continued without stopping with the image of the ice shards freezing the water that hit the snake in my head.

The snake was slightly frozen over and I was able to stop its attacks.


Cruz-kuns voice could be heard coming from behind.

It seems that he was safe.

「Cruz-kun, try using this!!」

I gave Cruz-kun the sharp broken sword. 

「Ill leave the attacking to you, after letting it freeze a little more!!」

「Leave it to me!」

I rained the water balls and ice shards down on the snake and it froze little by little.

Perhaps it was an issue with the image as the efficiency rose.

When the head froze over, Cruz-kun slashed at it from the side.

It wasnt a clean cut like when attacking with a wind blade, but it was able to cut normally.

Seeing that the broken sword was effective, Cruz-kun climbed up onto its head, stabbed the sword right into the snakes head, and cut it off.

The snake rampaged from the pain, the ice shattering as well, and Cruz-kun was once again sent flying, but a short while later, its movements turned feeble and then it stopped moving.

It seems that we successfully subjugated the Big Snake without any problems.

「We were able to manage it somehow or another….」

「Cruz, you were sent flying twice, are you alright」

「Cruz-kun, are you injured」

「Aah Something like that, of course Im fine!!」

「If it werent for that sword, then it wouldve been bad.」

「Aah, the stronger the monster, the less effective the sword.

If its this, then I might not have to change it even if its a wooden sword.」

「If you take care of the sword, then that might be possible.

If you have a sword that cuts well, then you can deal the finishing blow.」

「Then we can test it out.」

Everyones heads turned at Ojii-sans voice, and Ojii-san brought over the next Big Snake.


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