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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Arriving at the hunting grounds, we once again fought against the goblins that Ojii-san brought over.

With regards to Cruz-kun, originally, he could defeat them by himself, but perhaps it was because his sword was sharpened, his level increased, or it was the results of his training, as he struck the goblins down with one swing of his sword.

With regards to Ilya-chan, the stone arrowheads were more effective than expected.

Depending on the place, the arrows penetrated the goblins bodies, and pierced into the Fanged Boars, though the wooden arrows were repelled. 

With regards to my younger sister, there were various kinds of throwing knives and shuriken and she was still trying them out.

However, it seems that they pierced into the goblins and the Fanged Boar, so as weapons, they were effective.

Even though I had found that the balance of the Hammer Bola was good, it did not work well.

Maa, my younger sister was still young, so she should try various ones out.

Though I said that, we were the same age though….

The arrows and the throwing knives were effective, so better teamwork was necessary.

It would be terrible if they accidentally hit Cruz-kun.

The opponents this time were goblins, fighting them one-on-one and then cooperating with each other to fight multiple goblins.

After that, we fought the high-ranked Goblin Knight, Goblin Archer, and Goblin Mage and then a mix of high-ranked and regular goblins.

The goblin we fought up until now only wielded sticks, but the high-ranked Knights movements were similar to that of fencing, the Archer had arrows, and magic came flying from the Mage, so  until we got used to it, it had been troublesome for us who had never experienced this.

Like the previous time, the last battle was against the Orc.

we had experienced the power of the Orc in the last battle, so Cruz-kun evaded as he attacked it.

Cruz-kuns sword injured it much more deeply than the previous time, and the arrows and throwing knives were able to wound it.

It was good that everyones attacks had begun to show their effectiveness, but in the case of the Fanged Boar and the others whose hides and pelts could be sold as materials, their value would decrease as the cuts and scratches increased, so it might be better to not be excessive with the attacks from now on.

We fought several Orcs and then we returned to the the location designated for the hut,

Though it was not yet necessary, I gave Obaa-san snake meat and fatty boar meat as ingredients for the karaage.

If we had the salt and herbs and spices from Char-chan, then we would probably be able to make it.

We separated from Ojii-san and the others and when we arrived at the orphanage, I asked Char-chan to prepare the salt and herbs and spices while I still remembered to.

Ojii-san and the others had entrusted me with some money for the seasonings, so I gave that to her.

This was Char-chan, so she would probably have them perfectly prepared by tomorrow.

The next day, it was harvesting with the second pair.

Ilya-chans short bow was given to the girl, so I gave Ilya-chan the bow and arrows that I made.

In order to make a bowgun, I tried making a bow and arrows first.

I had tested it out more or less and the arrows shot out, so I wanted Ilya-chan, who usually used a bow, to try it.

The harvesting was progressing well, and I tried searching for the spices that Ojii-san told me about, and collected grass as feed for the Rainbow Caterpillar.

For the hunting, if it;s Horned Rabbits, then they can be defeated without fear.

It was still difficult to do so alone, but once their levels have reached level 10 and they obtain skills, they should be able to manage it somehow or another. 

And so, we did not sustain any injuries and completing our harvesting, we returned to the orphanage.


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