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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Learning from the blunder last time, I had somehow arrived at the town before the sun had set today.

When I entered the town through the secret passageway that was near the out-of-the-way orphanage, I had received a high speed tackle that wouldve surprised even a wrestler. 


The culprit was my younger sister.

It seems that she couldnt wait for me to get back and came to greet me.

Rather, you did well noticing….

After that, my life points were close to zero, so I crouched down to rest for about ten minutes.

Having recovered, my sister and I returned to the orphanage.

As an apology for making her worry this morning, I gave her a flower I found in Dragon Forest as a present.

My sisters eyes were sparkling with happiness.

She was dancing around with joy even now. 

Coming back to the orphanage, I notified Director-sensei of my return.

Director-sensei gave me a full body search to check if I had received any injuries, so it was a bit ticklish.

The harvest this time was also abundant, so the children were in an uproar.

Seeing them like this, Director-sensei gave a kind smile.

I too had a smile on my lips. 

This time, I had harvested new things, so it was decided by Director-sensei that I would go into town with Char-chan tomorrow.

Since she said that it would be better to go into Dragon Forest after learning what grew there instead of ignorantly going in when searching for fruits, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, and the like.

The first time walking in a town in another world, Im looking forward to it!!

Incidentally, my younger sister was going tomorrow as well. 

The morning of the next day, I was at a loss. 

Today as well, my younger sister had been crying since morning.

The reason was simple, it was because the flower I gave her yesterday was crushed.

My sister was overjoyed and refused to put it in a vase, and continued to hold onto it without letting go.

Naturally, even when she was sleeping….

As a result, when she turned over in her sleep, she crushed it.

If it was going to turn out like this, it wouldve been better if I picked more of them….

I promised her that I will get it for her again the next time I went, and she somehow stopped crying.

After eating breakfast, we left to go into town at once.

The places within town that were thriving with business were the town center and the places along the main street, and although they had everything you wanted there, it seems that they were a little too expensive.

Because of that, the local residents avoid the town center and buy goods from the shops located outside of that area.

If you walked a little further, you could buy almost anything.

「Ara, Char-chan, youre shopping today」

「Ou, jou-chan!! What vegetables are you buying today!」

「Char-chan, welcome.

What are you buying Ill give you a little extra.」

「Ohh, the chibis are here today too!」

We left the orphanage, and when we neared the shops, many people called out to Char-chan.

「Char-chan is popular!!」

「Char-chan, sho amazin~g!!」

We looked at her with admiration, but

「Ahaha, not me, Director-sensei is the one who is amazing~.」

She said that, but no matter how amazing Director-sensei was, that had nothing to do with Char-chan.

I think, its definitely because of Char-chans personality.

And so, we were called out to by various people as we headed towards the pharmacy.

We will have them buy the medicinal plants here.

「Welcome~, ohh, its Char-chan, huh.

What do you need today Is it medicine for the childrens injuries again」

「Oji-san, hello.

We have come to sell medicinal plants today.」

「「Oji-san, hello!!」」

「Yes, hello.

Medicinal plants Come to think of it, you came last week too.」

「Yes, its only a little bit, but we had obtained some.」

「Is that so.

I dont mind no matter how much you have, so you can come anytime.」

「Thank you very much.

Also, for the sake of learning, could you tell us, what kind of medicinal plant could be harvested in Dragon Forest」

「Dragon Forest It cant be, Char-chan is going to pick them!」

「No, no, these children wanted to know.」



「These children, huh.

Maa, if theyre this young, they wouldnt go to Dragon Forest.

Alright, Ill tell you a little.」

After that, he bought the medicinal plants, and told us about the representative and valuable medicinal plants within Dragon Forest.


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