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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

「What the, is it alright to defeat it so easily」

Looking surprised, Cruz-kun, who decapitated the ant, asked us this.

「Isnt it because its an ant Unlike the Orc and the King Snake, its joints were distinct, and were not connected to what seemed to be the shell, so it was easy to cut off.

Maa, perhaps I should say that it was chopped off….」

「Thats right, the ants carapace is hard, but its easy to fight.

Therefore, you will practice with these guys.」

Ojii-san was walking towards us as he decided what we were going to do afterwards.

「The defeated ant will attract other ants, so put it away, and it would be best to cast enchantment magic at once.」

It seems that ants let out pheromones that call its comrades, and when defeated, the nearby ants will come.

I used enchantment magic to cast『Increased Sharpness』on Cruz-kuns sword, and『Strengthened Penetration』on Ilya-chans arrows and my younger sisters throwing knives.

As I was doing that, every person gave a reaction to the approaching ants.

There werent that many of them, but it seems that they were approaching from three different directions.

I asked Queen and the others to block them off in two different directions, and we will deal with them in turn.

We headed in the direction where there was only one of them.

After getting close enough where we would be able to gauge the distance with our eyes, Ilya-chan and I, and my younger sister, Sakuya-chan, and Ojii-san split up to the left and to the right.

Cruz-kun was standing here, waiting for an opportunity.

Taking up a position that wasnt too far away from Cruz-kun, we prepared to attack.

It entered the range of the arrows, and when it was within range of the throwing knives, we dealt a preemptive strike simultaneously.

Sakuya-chan used her wind magic and I my earth magic, and its legs on both sides were cut off.

Following that, Ilya-chans arrows went flying, but they pierced through the ant and went flying.

The throwing knives that followed after pierced deeply into the carapace. 

We were surprised by the strength of the arrows and throwing knives, but the ant was not yet dead.

Then, Cruz-kun, rather than running to the ant, he turned towards its carapace and swung his sword down.

When he did that, the ants upper half of the body () was cleanly severed from the lower half of the body ().

Cruz-kuns sword continued to move downward and pierced into the ground.

「ly, I was surprised as well, but this time, its on a completely different scale Oi, Shuu, what happened!」

「No, I have no idea either.

Ojii-san, is enchantment magic this amazing!」

「Theres no way it would be! Normally, the arrows would be stuck in it.

The sword should only be able to injure the carapace.

Boy, did something happen when you used enchantment magic」

Did something happen …aah!

「I tried using a somewhat larger amount of mana so that the magic wouldnt wear off.」

「Thats probably why.

You increased the power of the magic.

Normally, you wouldnt be able to do that, but you could do it because of the Magic Manipulation.」

「Master, Shuu is not normal」

「Rather than saying that hes not normal, its better to say that hes extraordinary.

Maa, youre still inexperienced though.

If you use enchantment magic like this, it wouldnt be combat practice, and above all, you wouldnt be able to collect the materials.」

According to Ojii-san, it seems that the Soldier Ants carapace could be sold as material, but Cruz-kun had cut it right in half, so this time, it couldnt be sold.

Today, I practiced magic control, and everyone practiced how to not damage the material too much.

We were surprised by the effectiveness of the enchantment magic and discussed it, but there were still ants remaining in two directions.

Realizing that, we hurriedly headed towards the next location where the ants were. 

There, Queen, Miu, and two other Horned Rabbits were holding down the fort.

When we arrived, it was when the battle had just come to an end.

Queen pinned the ants down, and at that time, Miu and the others thrusted their horns into its neck, defeating the two ants.

The power of the Horned Rabbits horns had become terrifying….

We collected the ants from that place, and headed towards the last of the ants at once.

At the last location, the wolf cubs and Pii-chan were playing around with the five ants.

However, perhaps it was because they were lacking a winning move as they were not able to defeat them.

We made defeating them a priority and splitting into groups, we moved to take down the five ants.


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